Ho Chih Minh

I’m going on a last minute business trip to Ho Chih Minh (Saigon) for the opening of the Nu Skin market and I am scrambling to get things organized last minute.  It’s been nonstop meetings from morning to late night.  Skipped meals.  Missed work outs.  Sweat.  Tears.  (No blood yet.)  The Vietnam market for Nu Skin opens up Aug 11 and I am going there to help my downline build their Vietnamese teams.  I’m very excited I might jump from an executive to a Ruby executive in a single month if I am successful!  What is a Ruby Executive?  It’s a big jump in the Nu Skin Compensation plan.  It means I get to go on a trip to the Caribbean for Ruby training, I get paid more, and more commissions at a deeper level, and I have a 50% chance of making it to “Blue Diamond.”  #teammillionaires!

So… I am staying at the Nikko Saigon a 5 Star Hotel.  I wanted to branch out on my own and figure out some stuff to do.  My upline is staying at a friends home.  I needed a gym, a business center, the spoils of a 5 star hotel.  And to be honest, it didn’t cost as much as it sounds.

So what is there to do in Saigon?  I definitely want to look for some Vietnamese textiles while I am there.  Check out some clubs.  My flamboyantly gay friend  Binh will be there so nightlife is a go!   One of my downline’s brother’s live in Vietnam and are Taxi drivers, so they may be able to help me get around.  I will probably hit up a farmers market for some fresh fruit since I am dieting and the grocery store for simple things like milk and yoghurt.  I will have to ask Young where to eat the good food so I don’t get sick.  I also wouldn’t mind picking up some spices and books.


#1 on trip advisor

Saigon River Express $69 USD

Owner description: Saigon River Express offers premium water taxi and ferry service throughout Saigon. The primary boarding location is the central pier in district one across from the Renaissance Hotel. It only take 10 to 15 minutes to travel to Saigon’s premier boutique hotel and spa resort: Thao Dien Village — or to the ever popular riverside restaurant: The Deck. The Cu Chi tunnel is only a one hour boat ride from the central pier and then thirty minutes by land. This is the fastest and most pleasurable way to get to the best destinations in Saigon.

7:00 am includes light breakfast and lunch

Sivananda Yoga Center


Dam Sen Waterpark $5

I know I’m a big kid.  It’ll probably be hot so I want to go

Dong Khoi St

Nice area of the City

Hang Da Market

I’m baffled where to go to do hair, nails and get pampered.  I know there are places you can get everything done for dollars.  I guess I’ll leave that up to our hosts to find us a good place.

Ben Thanh Market

Rex Hotel

While Hoi An is more famous for its tailors, Ho Chi Minh City offers plenty of competition. Wander around Le Loi or Dong Khoi Streets and you’ll stumble across many talented tailors ready to whip you up a suit or new dress in 24 hours.

VIsit the Mekong

Chu Chi Tunnels

Saigon Opera House

Soham Yoga Studio

Fine Arts Museum

I’ll probably be at the Nu Skin meetings most of the day.  Eat light since I’m on a diet anyways.  Hit the club at night.  And study on my off time by the pool.  I really want to check out the art museums, the opera house, some yoga studios, get a custom tailored suit, and definitely check out the garment district and buy some textiles.   I can grab some candy to bring home to my friends in Hawaii too.

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