Joy Of Sake 2012

I went to Joy of Sake last minute by myself.  My date flaked last minute, then my girlfriend told me she was going, so I scurried over there and got some last minute $90 tickets to the event.  I had just woken up and was starving so I was more concerned about eating.  I tried everything at the event and scoured the sakes in between the food.  


My favorite dish was a kalo tostone by a restaurant I had not heard of before, “the Pig and the Lady” a 
“pop up restaurant” in Honolulu.  The fried crunch of the tostone contrasted with the texture of the taro stem ceviche (I thought it was a cucumber vinagarette) and the softness of the fresh steamed kalo which was much like a soft mochi.  The rice paddy herb added a nice essence to the finish. The Pig and the Lady can be found at KCC Farmers Markets, Kailua Farmer Markets, and small markets around Honolulu.



My second favorite dish was the thai oxtail soup at Chai’s.  It had a slight spiciness to it that really warmed you up, which perhaps came from the ginger.  Thai rice noodles accompanied the soup but by the time I got to them, they were out of oxtail.  A flavorful broth, this was my last dish and perfect to end off my palate with.





Cakeworks only had an ume macaroon by the time I got around to them, but ume happens to be my favorite flavor.  



Halekulani had a great classic dish, seared ahi, but they topped it with sweet corn, tempura flakes and a great flavorful nori sprinkle (furikaki).  I definitely had seconds.  However, the second dish was at the end of the event and perhaps didn’t taste as fresh from sitting unrefrigerated for hours. 😦



As I walked in I was starving, so I grabbed the light alfredo pasta with nori sprinkles to fill me up.



 I squirted grease from the braised beef rolls from Ginza Sushi in Haleiwa all over my Rebecca Taylor dress. 😦




I was disappointed in Nobu’s choice, being it’s my favorite restaurant.  They had a miso abalone and I wasn’t too taken by the chewy texture. Perhaps it’s something best eaten fresh out of the oven.



Oh look… I found a picture of my girlfriend, Elise Lee. (:  




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