Network Marketing Side by Side Comparisons. Nu Skin + Zija + Visalus + It Works

I normally would think that it would be rude to talk badly about other peoples companies.  But being as I am a distributor in all 4 companies, I thought I’d share my experiences with you.  I even recently tried Nerium.  I’ve heard great things about the company, but when I tried it i had an extreme reaction and broke out.  My girlfriend is even allergic to oleander, the main ingredient.  Not all products are for everyone.  They say 2/10 might react badly to any product.  I’ve recently heard about Kyani, but people only want me to attend a meeting.  I asked them to come bring me just a sample.  When you have prospects you come to them, you don’t demand they come to a meeting when they just want to try the product.  I have meetings every week and invite people, but if they are skeptical or can’t make it, I meet them one on one to demonstrate the product, and if they like it, they most likely will make time to come to the meeting to learn more.  Besides, even if Kyani is a great product, it’s main ingredient is Alaskan Blueberry which can be put into any product.  How is this product patented or protected?  Would I do Nerium as business?  Perhaps, it’s a great company!  But I don’t believe in the product because I seem to be allergic to it.  Would I order Kyani.  Yes, I would probably consume it because from what I hear it is an excellent product!  However to this day, nobody has offered to give me a sample. Would I do it as a business?  No.  Just like the Acai explosion and Mona Vie, I see it being an explosion product and soon you can buy wild mountain blueberries at every Jamba Juice and Whole Foods.

Nu Skin Zija Visalus It Works
Company Longevity 1984 2006 2005 2001
NY Stock Exchange NUS BTH
Quality of Product High High Average Below Average
Price $$$$ $$ $$$ $$$
Shipping Fast + $8/2 d Costly $20/2wk $13/10d $20/7 d
Starter Kit $10 (or free with purchase) $99 order + $49 kit $599 exec kit $99 + 499 party kit
Did my Upline Stay In? Yes No No Yes
Was it easy to sell Takes Patience Challenging Easily marketed No
Unique Products Patented No No No
Net Worth $621. mil  –
Countries Available in 53 countries 19 countries US and Canada Us, Aus, Part Eur
Is the website informative Highly No No No
customer care highly efficient Average Average poor
is ordering/cancelling easy simple Average simple poor
media professional evolved mainstream niche, cheap
target market luxury health/green mainstream women/green
How many products Huge portfolio evolving 20 product portfolio 30 product portfolio
Niche Anti-aging, beauty AND nutrition nutrition nutrition nutrition and beauty
Awards D&BS 5a1, #5 Forbes List Inc. Magazine’s Prestigious Inc.
Celebrities Brad Pitt, Mary J, Nicole Kidman Hulk Hogan, Jessica Biel, Snoop Dog Kim Catrall, Seth Green
Natural Products Yes Yes No Yes
Pay Out $$$ $$ $$$ $$$
Customer Rentention High Poor Poor Poor
Incentives yes no yes yes


It Works:  It works is a natural company that is debt free and has been around since 2001.  They are a debt free company evolving.  They are NOT on the NY stock exchange. You see that advertisement?  It’s super misleading. I had spent over $1,000 over a 4 month period evaluating all the products.  Advertisements showed dramatic results of people losing inches in 45 minutes.  I told my upline it was misleading I expected to lose at least half an inch in one treatment.  She advised me to have more long term treatments.  This comes out to $25 every 3 days.  Hundreds of dollars a month doesn’t sound ethical for me to spend on wraps.  Still I didn’t see much results.  I even tried many of their supplements, their greens on the go, metabolism booster, carb blocker and mood supplement.  They are average supplements and I think better alternatives can be purchased at GNC or Vitamin Shop for cheaper prices.  I think this puts their product in a higher $$$ price range than average products.  Their shipping was a little pricier at $20 to Hawaii and it generally takes a week to get there.  But as the company grew, orders were on back order and not sent out on time.  The starter kit was $99 and came with 4 wraps (usually $49.)  So I paid basically $50 for some fliers and information that probably cost them $5-$10 to make.  Profiting on starter kits is a turn off for me.  The 4 wraps were gone in one try with me and my sister doing both our legs.  So I decided to order the $499 starter kit that has 25 wraps in it so I could have enough to start hosting parties.  When friends paid $25 to try the wraps everyone was dissatisfied.  And the people who ordered and tried the products, did not return orders.  My upline stays in this company but I know that she struggles with success.  Did my downline stay in?  No, because I didn’t sign anyone up.  Was it easy to sell?  NO, because the product spoke for itself.  People did not see much results.  Are the products unique?  According to it Works yes.  But the truth is these same ingredients are found in cellulite creams and mineral wraps  are a similar concept but more effective and cheaper sold through retail outlets for under $20.  What is their net worth?  I don’t know.  Try googling them and their google placement is poor.  With a name like “It Works” it gets lost in the google searches and I often have problems finding them.  It Works is available in Australia, parts of Europe and the US and Canada.  But what countries it is distributed in is still unclear to me since their website is not easily navigated and has limited information.  The customer care wasn’t very helpful and cancelling my order was difficult.  I especially find the media distasteful and unpleasant and very niche marketed towards “green” markets and women.  They have a variety of products from nutrition to face care and their signature product wraps.  The wraps are most expensive, but i can understand how people can lose weight taking all their products, protein bars, meal replacement shakes, metab boosters, fat burners, with the wraps and think the wraps are actually working.  Their PR and marketing is extremely poor and in marketing we learn that you can have the fountain of youth itself, but if you don’t know how to present it, it’s good as nothing.  MARKETING IS EVERYTHING.  They received an award from Inc. Magazine’s Prestigious Inc. Award.  What is Inc Magazine?  The products ARE all natural and herbal based mostly.  The payment structure has many rewards, free products and great commissions equally with each company I believe.  THere are pros and cons to every pay out plan.  Although I didn’t delve greatly into it, I didn’t sell anything and I couldn’t without being a product of the company itself.  THey have free product incentives and bonuses.


Zija: I tried Zija in 2005 in the last trimester of my pregnancy.  According to their website the company wasn’t out until 2006.  Perhaps they changed ownership.  I first learned about the product by trying it from my parents.  I was extremely sick.  I always recommend this product to people with illnesses, malnourished pregnant mothers or new bornes.  I fed it to my daughter and she wasn’t sick for the first time till way after a year.  This is a super high quality product.  But the company has evolved to new products I am no longer familiar with.  THe main ingredient is Morgina (calamungi) which is super nutritional and nourishing.  THe problem with that is that my mom now grows it in her yard and makes a powder for me to take for free.  So I discontinued to do the company.  I made a small income being in the company while I was pregnant then I gave up.  It was a learning experience and although it’s a great product I had a hard time getting people to like the flavor of the product.  It’s an acquired taste and not for everyone.  I found that elderly people and people with medical problems liked the product.  I’m not with Zija any longer, but I always recommend it to friends, like my girlfriend who has a newborn losing weight allergic to everything.  I hope she considers this gentle natural product.  It gets 5 stars for quality with me.  It’s $100 for a month supply (or use to be) and shipping was pricey because they hadn’t established good shipping practices at the time.  The autoship is $99 and I believe it was $49 for the starter kit.  Again, charging money for kits is a turn off for me.  The company has evolved since I have left, but it use to only be one product.  I can’t speak for the new products.  The websites were always poor and media very unprofessional and cheap looking, similar to it works, but it looks like they have stepped up their game a bit. It does look a bit better than it did in 2005. I especially was pleased with the Zija compensation plan.  THey always paid out to 10 levels regardless of how many sales you do.  As long as you sign up people you are entitled to commissions up to 10 levels making it simple and easy to understand.  But I believe their comp plan has now changed.
Customer retention was hard to keep people on the product.  I don’t really know anybody who still drinks it. THey tried it a while then the fad faded.  I didn’t know of any free incentives, car, bonuses or trips.


Visalus: Oh my god. Let me  tell you.  THe marketing in VIsalus is so brilliant I immediately bought a huge kit!  They are $499 for what is the $249 transformation kit + another $250 worth of papers, media cds, and a distributor kit.  VIsalus takes the cake for the most expensive distributor kit.  To qualify for the BMW and rising star bonus pool you have to buy a minimum $499 kit.  The $999 kit has $500 in samples.  I  liked the shakes but without trying the rest of the products, I bought into the company because the marketing was so brilliant.  They give away free trips, free products for having 3 customers, bonus pools, free bmws.  Way to motivate your team!  Visalus has been around since 2006 and is publicly traded on the stock exchange under BTH,  However, Visalus is only a secondary company in Blythe’s product portfolio which in my opinion makes Visalus an unstable subsidiary company, run by a parent company, Blythe.  I believe after trying their products for 90 days, the products are overpriced products wrapped in brilliant marketing.  You can get equally if not better products for a fraction of the price at GNC and Vitamin Shop.  For appetite suppressant a $10 bottle of hoodie will suffice over the expensive vi trim.  And expensive protein cookies.  I’d rather make my own snack.  I decided to give the Vi-Pak vitamins a try, but discovered they were a poor product proving it through the Pharmanex biophotonic scanner.  I really was disappointed, I believed in this product way more than anything I’ve ever used before.  Apart from that, the cake flavored shakes are DELICIOUS!  When it comes to weightloss shakes, they’re not really good for you especially in the long term, but I especially will consider re-ordering Visalus shakes in the future when it’s time to lose weight or cut for a body building show.  However, soy is recommended for leanness but for muscle definition, whey proteins are used for body builders, making VIsalus a poor choice for those individuals with different goals.  Would I use it regularly every day for a long term period?  No, because I’m not using it for nutrition, because it’s clearly not getting me the correct nutrition I should be getting.  Visalus shakes only help me with a calorie deficit when I want to pig out and need to be serious about dieting.   What disappointed me more was that my upline bragged about making regional director, getting his free BMW and $1500 checks.  Why did he drop out?   Apart from that, some of my upline were rude and unsupportive of me cross promoting with other companies.  Having good upline is important and I had no support from anyone or was ever even properly trained.  I know that I can be successful in anything I do, so I moved forward with it anyways.  But I noticed people who try it after 90 days most of them have dropped out, despite Visalus’s challenge to make a new goal after 90 days.  Their payout plan was awesome with great incentives, trips, free products and bonuses.  A lot of people are making a lot of money in this company in the short term, but I see it as a fad and eventually it will be a thing of the past.  Is Visalus’s product unique?  No there are hundreds even thousands of products exactly like it on the market today.  They are not currently international yet, but claim to want to go international when they reach a billion in sales.  My problems with Vi are their information is not clear.  THey don’t have all the information you want.  They are feeding you with marketing mumbo jumbo, watch movies and party and hype, but when you ask them hard hitting questions like if you guys are GMO Where does the soy come from that is in your shakes? THere is no information on the website, you can’t just order products one by one, you have to get a kit.  It would be nice to see a history of the company, the business side, financials, the scientific board, etc. You don’t learn anything about the company until after you have signed up.  It makes it really hard to find out information. They make this easy for distributors to ease people into the company without having to really learn about the company.  If they can’t research the company, let’s give them the tools to get everyone into the “idea” of the challenge, not really learn about the products themselves. We can learn from Visalus.  Acclimate our clients.


Nu Skin: I am completely satisfied with Nu Skin.  I do see some debate with the payment structure, as do I see pros and cons in every single NM compensation plan.  They do not have free cars but they have bonus commissions, free trips, and incentives for free $450 product packages.  I’ve noticed, for your hard work invested, they pay out the most.  The company has been around for 28 years and is publicly traded on the NY stock exchange.  They have prestigious awards such as being #5 on the Forbes List, D&BS 5a1 rating, and were the only supplement sponsor on the olympics. There’s too many to list so you can view them all here.

My upline is super hardworking an supportive and that is what I love most about working with Nu Skin.  I see myself working FT in this company 10 years from now.  THe products are unique, patented and unreplicable.  Companies like Pfizer Pharmaceuticals spent $70 mil attempting to replicate their science, but failed due to Nu Skin’s 30 years of genetic research they are unable to catch up with.  Every year they add a new product to their product portfolio.  They are launching a new product this fall, opening the Vietnam market next month and a new cutting edge weightloss product next fall. With a lot of companies, they are a few products and fail to come out with new products, but with Nu Skin, they have definitely changed a lot in the last 10 years.  I recently talked to someone interested in signing up again who had done it 10 years ago. They see how it has changed and evolved.  Nu Skin is the only billion dollar company in beauty in Network Marketing and the only  company that combines nutrition, beauty and anti-aging in one.  A millionaire is made every 5 days and more 20+ millionaires are made than other nm companies COMBINED.   Their customer service is super helpful.  They always answer in one ring and solve your problem in minutes.  Their website is highly informative with tons of information, professionally laid out, with excellent media including videos, product brochures, ingredients, testimonies and anything else you need to find regarding product, charities, the company, the partners, the opportunity and stories, trip bonus information, countries distributed in and social responsibility.   Bottom line, ordering is simple, setting up your own site is simple, navigation is simple, the design is aesthetically pleasing and professional, and cancelling and changing orders is simple as well.   Shipping is cheapest and fastest out of all these companies, only $8 for 2 day shipping.  The company has multiple distribution centers making shipping efficient. I notice that people who have been using Nu Skin for 10 years remain loyal.  My sister was in corporate 10 years ago and she called me and told me the needed to order 180 from me.  She has been using it for years.  Products like the serums, lifepak nano, vitality and gels need to be replenished monthly, making good for ADR customers and although the products are more costly, they are worth it because they work.  More expensive products also = higher commission.  And they also reward higher commissions for retail sales, at 30%.   Nu Skin is the only company that can claim they pay out more commissions than any other network marketing company according to the NY stock exchange.  Due to their Wealth Maximizer/Depth Maximizer breakaway plan, they ensure you get paid the most for your hard work.

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