Which one is better? Visalus’s Vi-Pak vs Nuskin’s LifePak Nano EXPERIMENT + POLL

Visalus seems to be the choice of the online social world, both alike young and elderly, love their cake battered, affordable shakes and $99 add on Vi-Pak vitamin supplement monthly packs.  Nuskin is a little pricier, favored more by an elderly demographic due to the anti-aging nature of the product and the target market of advertising to the baby boomer market.  With the LifePak Nano retailing at $152 and wholesaling for distributors and loyal customers for $122, Visalus Vi-Pak seems the more affordable popular product.





LifePak Nano






  • I had been on the Shakes (2 a day) and Vi-Pak for the 90 day challenge.
  • 2 months into the 90 day challenge, I scanned with the Biophotonic Nu Skin scanner.  What does this scanner do?  It measures your carotenoid skin score and antioxidant levels.  Being that Vi-Pak is super charged with antioxidants I was so excited to see my score improve.
  • May: My score was 35,000.  That is smack in the middle of the yellow zone.  (Most people scan in the low red and orange zone indicating their current supplement regiment is poor.)
  • 30 days after the previous score I rescanned today with my daughter.  He score was 35,000.  Pretty good for a picky kid that never eats.
  • My score: 29,000. I couldn’t believe it!   My score had dropped 6,000 points!!!! I was not expecting that.  I really believed that Visalus was a good product.  But this proved it wrong.  I am usually a healthy person, but this product is declining my health.
  • FUN FACT: Artificial sweeteners like Sweet and Low (and the one in Visalus, and all the other meal nutrition shakes) are CANCER CAUSING AGENTS.
  • FUN FACT 2: People who scan highest weren’t on meal replacement shakes.  They grew organic product in their gardens and ate whole foods.
  • FUN FACT 3: Everyone who is on Lifepak for 90 days see’s a spike in their score.  People that have been on the product in the long term score in the blue, and not only see benefits of nutrition, but this is a core product for an ANTI AGING REGIMENT.
  • FUN FACT 4: LifePak Nano is the only supplement endorsed by the Olympics.
  • ANOTHER FUN FACT 5: LifePak Nano is more “bio available.”  What does that mean?  That the technology of the molecules are “encapsulated” so that more of the product can be absorbed by your intestinal wall.


And the verdict is… LifePak Nano is better.  You pay for what you get.

If you don’t believe me… check back in 30 days when I rescan again and I’ll PROVE IT.

I use to be a visalus distributor.  You can order Vi Pak at iheart90daychallenge.com if you are interested.

or you can buy lifepak at iheartnuskin.com

I hope you make the rights choice. (;


2 thoughts on “Which one is better? Visalus’s Vi-Pak vs Nuskin’s LifePak Nano EXPERIMENT + POLL

  1. I want to share this. Something someone posted in my Facebook and it was dead on!

    Lisa Lovesyoga ‎@Doug…I do not use Nuskin either, not sure why you thought that. My comment was strictly about Visalus…which is just another fad diet shake. anyone who drinks most of their meals, especially ones filled with fillers to trick your body into feeling full, is obviously going to lose weight, and nutrients, too. I know they hype up their product to act like it is so full of greatness, but really it’s just full of artificial sweeteners and fillers that actually rob your body of nutrients…that could be why Kristie’s nutrient level reading was lower after she took visuals than before. Visalus may help people lose weight, but in the long run it may be more harmful than good, besides just shedding pounds which can be done naturally if they are really living a healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t take diet shakes to live healthy, it takes eating whole foods, not drinking soda or alcohol, not eating crappy fast foods, using coconut oil as a cooking oil and supplement rather than any other oil, eating deep greens to cleanse the body, staying active, exercising regularly, etc, etc. There are so many easy ways to be and stay healthy, but most people just like to make excuses…and then a diet shake comes along and bam, suddenly they want to be healthy. If only they really new what they were feeding heir bodies all day long everyday for however long they do the “challenge.” Part of the appeal is really in the money making aspect of this product, which is great marketing. This company is very clever in how they have promoted this business and product. As a holistic lifestyle practitioner myself, the first time I was approached with this product I read the ingredients and almost gagged just looking at it. Most consumers don’t know, don’t care…but that’s part of the problem in the first place. Bottom line: get educated. Read labels, and never takes a salesman’s word for it. The VI reps couldn’t even answer my real questions about their product, but they sure could tell me how much money I would make selling it, especially because I am so healthy and fit which would make me such a good candidate. No thank you. I’ll keep my natural whole healthy REAL foods lifestyle instead of you artificially sweetened, nutrient starving, soy based, fiber filler product. I could go on, but I think I’ve said enough…for now.

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