So some of you are probably wondering… Kristie WTF are you doing?!?!  In fact, I had a friend call me concerned about me this morning.  (:  With the stigma that comes with MLM (network marketing companies) it can be tricky to become a distributor get friends involved since the word “pyramid scheme” is always a RED FLAG and associate with SCAMS.  True,  I got bombarded with products.  Once, they see you doing a company, everyone wants to try sell you their products to sell too.  And I have tried over 6 companies products recently including Nerium, Visalus, It Works and Yoli.

Early this year, I was approached by one of the sales persons at the gym.  He gave us all a chocolate peanut butter shake he had made.  It was sincerely delicious.  That flavor lingered in my brain like a childhood memory, until one day I asked him about it.  I started to see a hype in the company, and the marketing was amazing, so I bought into a distributor kit right away, so that I could be on my way to my FREE BMW!  The only problem is by now, a promoter with similar friends as myself had already signed up 40% of my phone contacts including my intended heavy hitters. NO JOKE.  So what company is this you ask?  Many of you probably already got some kind of invite from me to a 90 Day Challenge.  Although I love the shakes very, very much and still use them every day, I can’t vie for the rest of the products.  However, they didn’t give me an option for a smaller distributor kit with product so I jumped in and got the whole kit.  True, I saw results and lost weight.  But why haven’t I stayed with this company?  I don’t want you to believe it was a fickle uninformed decision on my part….

a) success in a MLM requires good timing.  If you get in at the beginning, chances are the market won’t be saturated yet.  Unfortunately, I got in too late, and my contacts were already exhausted before I had begun.

b) my upline was very unsupportive, and didn’t give me proper training EVER on the products as much as I reached out to them. Someone even higher up use to send me spam often, but it became over-excessive.   The person who actually signed up missed 3 shake parties of mine, where he was suppose to train me.  I went on doing the parties on my own without actual training which was intimidating.  If you don’t know full knowledge of the products, it can be challenging.  Not only that… some of the upline were strictly rude to me and admitted they would not support me if I cross promoted with any other company.  I chose Nuskin because it is beauty and anti-aging and offers something completely different from Visalus.  I feel nutrition and beauty and fitness, as I am a personal trainer and nutritionist, all go hand in hand, and I have a market for these niches.

c) Repeatedly I thought, what happens when everyone is done with their 90 day challenge and they stop buying product?  I guarantee that a lot of sales will go down and pay checks shrink, then those people who got comfortable in Regional Director and bought their BMW are going to be stuck with their payments.

d) I didn’t get support from my boyfriend, which may I add doesn’t do much for himself.  He mocked me and teased the “get rich schemes.”  But later I will discuss how he was a negative, unsupportive person for me in the first place.


around the same time I was approached with Nuskin.  I’ve tried some of their lotions when I was younger.  My sister was in corporate and brought us home samples, so to me, it was that bottle of Mary Kay that never got used.  When my friend approached me with it, I wasn’t too stoked to hear it was Nuskin.  It’s an older company that’s been around for a while and I wasn’t too  impressed with what I perceived to be “overpriced” products. I will explain to you how Nuskin came from being my least favorite product, to learning about them and becoming my life changing story.

My girlfriend gave me a Galvanic Spa demo.  To be honest, I don’t think I told her this yet, but $350 was a lot for me to afford when I was in the middle of launching my company and already spent thousands of dollars on other products.  Just to get her off my back, I bought the spa, and since I automatically enrolled for the distributorship, I figured I’d throw out some breadcrumbs.   I did like the product, but being a young woman without a lot of skin problems, it was hard for me to judge it in just one session. Weeks went by and the stress spiraled out of control.  I had been on psychiatric drugs this entire year.  At the height of my stress it all came crashing down in a month period.  Here is my story.

After being frustrated with Visalus and the 90 day challenge, I continued to buy Nuskin products because my up line girls (RN”s at Queen’s Hospital) were so hard working and persistent.  Discouraged with a bad upline with Visalus, I was inspired with these girl’s hard work.  They’re not the most business savvy girls, but they work hard and understand it takes work and time to get these kinds of things going. They were persistent about getting me to meetings and even gave me free products for my birthday presents which got me more interested in trying products I couldn’t afford immediately.

If you don’t know me, or know my story, I’ve been an exotic dancer for 8 years.  I became a dancer when I was pregnant with my daughter Kailani to escape the abusive relationship me and her father had.  Prior to that I had experimented with all kinds of drugs including amphetamines at a very young age, running away from home for the majority of my teenage years, living in the Prince Hotel, and experiencing heavy ecstasy abuse.  As I turned 18, Coccaine more often came into the equation.  I do not hide these things because that is a thing of the past, and I have learned from it.  I even went through waves of heavy marijuana use.  Most people in Hawaii don’t look down on the “natural herb” but after years of abuse to my body, even Marijuana started having negative affects, where once was positive.

So… winding down to these last 4 stressful weeks.  I was in a failed relationships recently with someone I still love very much.  We had been working on reconciling our issues, and one of those issues were me being a dancer.  So I made the life changing and scary decision for a career change.  After working hard for 5 months, investing money into my personal training business iHeart Fitness HI and planning a huge launch party at Apartm3nt, everything began crashing down.  A week before my birthday, the father of my child stole all the money I had.  I had to borrow $500 from my boyfriend just to pay some bills.  This couldn’t come at a more devastating time.  I was seeing my psychologist, Dr Alana Coffee and crying to her all the horrible things I was going through.  (yes I see a psych, Alana is amazing!)  I was quitting in just a week.  So I went to work that week discouraged, and didn’t make much money.  I was very consumed with my upcoming event.  My event was very stressful.  The staff couldn’t make it and alternative last minute staff was arranged.  Sponsors all threw responsibilities on me last minute, arrangements in the contracts were not met, and the tables for my sponsors were not RSVP’d.  Although the majority of the money  in the cash register was emptied by me, part of the register was stolen by one of the employees because my staff member walked away from the cash register before I could empty it.  Apart from that, nobody understood the breast implant “bad girl party” because the staff member in charge of it failed to do her job efficiently and that was explain the rules of the contest.  Pretty simple right?  I guess for her not.  It made my entire evening stressful trying to reorganize the contest.

So in the middle of the event, some douche bag talks about if he can have penis implants and was trying to flirt with me.  Being a good host, I was polite, but then I mocked him that he needed a penis implant.  My boyfriend, being the insecure jealous person he is, started a fight with me in the middle of my event.  Too consumed with my event, I told him I don’t have time to fight and after having a moment to cry in the bathroom stall and fix my makeup, I continued hosting my event.  He later apologized, but this is one of the many stresses the negative relationship has had on me.

After the event we went back to the hotel room and fought all night until I told him I’m exhausted and can no longer argue.

We went to the Bacardi Pool Party and agreed, this was my first day since my bday for us to hang out and we’re going to have fun.  My boyfriend got drunk and tried to start a fight for no reason with a guy and I got upset and walked away.  Later, he decided to ditch me and go party with his friends.  When I told him I was drunk and tired and I wanted to go home we ended up getting in a huge fight in the hotel hallway that was super embarrassing.  I admit, I was a drunken fool and everyone saw me being an idiot, but what can you do?  I was in a fight with my boyfriend and his friends tried to get in the middle of it when I told them to leave us.

After my event, I got super ill for a week.  I was in bed while my boyfriend (ex) took care of me, while my phone got shut off.  I was unable to follow up with clients, return calls, receive calls from new clients or call Flash to receive my cut of the bar, which I desperately needed at the time.  After getting ill, I discontinued my rounds of strattera, adderal and lithium I was prescribed and lost my mind.  I attempted to swallow a bottle of lithium after a huge fight with my ex and was hospitalized for 3 days.  He told me that he was going to kill himself and went out that evening and got extremely wasted, text me to immaturely upset me and i swung low to one of my depression states again.

When I got out of the hospital, now my only job was bartending Thursday nights at loft.  He was promoting this night.  He got me fired, then stole my job, then laughed about it.  I couldn’t believe how cruel he could be.  I quit dancing for him and after a week, he literally steals my only job, then laughs and rubs it in my face.  This was the moment I decided… fuck this asshole.  No matter how much I love him, he turned into a narcissistic asshole I can’t deal with anymore.  I deserve better.  I was so upset, that I literally could’ve ran him over in my car.  Of course, it’s me expressing myself, I’d never do such a thing, because there are consequences in this world and life.  The passion I had for him, turned to rage.  After fighting with him, and a huge emotional outburst, he threw me across the room out the door where I hit my foot and head on the concrete and was sent to the hospital in an ambulance with my 7 year old daughter with me.

The negative things happening continued.  I got duplicate traffic tickets I was unable to fix between these hospital visits,  missing court while hospitalized and having a $300 bench warrant, lack of work, and last night, I got bit by a 8″ centipede in my sleep.  I can’t get a break.

The positive news.  I left my ex.  And I am happier today.  I am medication free.  Why so?  I began taking ageLOC Vitality.  I’m not a doctor and I don’t recommend quitting taking your medication based on my experience alone.  But after all the hard things I’ve been through in my life, sometimes I feel like an old lady.  Sometimes it feels like the drugs I used in the past have taken a toll on me.  Not just physically, but especially mentally and emotionally. I always believe that a good diet and exercise have helped me to stay out a funk and be happy.  Although I’m injured and unable to exercise or work right now, times like these are when I’m easily in a depressed state.  Without my medication, I am focused, and working harder than I have ever been in my life, from my phone and my mac book.   I had recently tried the life-pak nano vitamins.  Although I hate taking vitamins, I love how good these make me feel, and taking vitamins in the morning is no longer a chore, but now a desire.

 I ordered the life-pak nano for my  ex because antioxidants and coq10 are rumored to help with Huntingtons disease.  He recently was diagnosed with it, and I wanted him to try it.  I heard that it will help de-gress the disease as well as a $70 bottle of Dr Rosequists Pycnogenol, which also has high quality blends of coq10, pycnogenol and other herbs.  He had scored low on the nuskin scanner and I wanted him to be healthy.  So here I am, with an injured foot, unable to work out, or work, but happy, motivated and working hard from my computer and laptop.  I will continue to take the lifepak nano myself, as well as the ageLOC Vitality and continue the Galvanic Spa.

During these weeks of illness, hospitalizations and injury, shaving my legs, and keeping up with my beauty rituals haven’t been a priority.  I’ve begun to have acne breakouts again, so I started using my galvanic spa and I am seeing it clear up again.  Living in Vegas, shifting weather zones, my skin has become problematic, and I am feeling a more youthful glow in my skin.  I noticed crows feet in my pictures, and started using the line cream on my eyes and bags have decreased.  THere’s not much of a difference, because I have pretty good skin, but I do notice a difference in only one 10 minute session apart from any other products I’ve experienced including high end products like La Mer, Darphin, Amore, and even exploding MLM companies like Nerium.

Why have I decided to commit to Nuskin?  I think today’s generation are easily fooled by clever marketing schemes and incentives and popularity, and they refuse to actually have an opinion on a product itself.  Like nutrition companies, most of them are the same products, packaged differently.  Nuskin has unique products, backed by unique science, uparalleled by other companies.  The success in the future seems greater.  It’s #5 on the Forbes list, and has been around for a long time.  Some people get bogged down by it being an old company, but I see stability.  And there are 2 new products coming out.  The new Vitality R2 and a new product next year that is still on the hush hush that I am very excited to see such a new innovative and unique product.

How has Nuskin changed my life?  Apart from leaving a poisonous relationship, I have only been trying their products for 3 months now, but I am so happy with the results and my own personal happiness, that I have committed to this company and put trust in their products.  I’m not saying vitamins saved my life, but proper nutrition can help you better deal with your issues without the meds, and I am thankful for Nuskin.

Learn more at

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