What Happened to Techno Viking?

If you don’t know who Techno Viking is, he came to his 15 minutes of fame through a knee camera, which was posted on youtube and went viral.  It takes place during the day, in a rave located in the middle of a street in Berlin (Fuck Parade 2000).  When a girl in a blue wig is bumped by a man who is obviously completely rolling balls (high on ecstasy), Techno Viking, her hero towering over him, sends him away without a word, only manhandling him with an iron fist and speechless stare.  He then continues to dance, generating followers who are attracted naturally to his energy.  It feels like a Michael Jackson video, and those are his backup dancers.  So what happened to Techno Viking?  People tried to track him down to interview him, but he was never found again.  Now there is merchandise out there with him all over it.  Who is making money off of this?

SO… I was suppose to go to EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) in Vegas next week.  But now I am not going because the tickets are already sold out, and I failed to purchase pre sale tickets.  Wouldn’t it be cool to go around filming 300,000 people?  Find one loser who does nothing, who knows nobody, and make up some cool story “What happened to them?”  Then make a video that goes viral and make money off of it for the rest of your life and never be seen again because you live on your own private island.

This is EDC my friends…




UPDATE: They found Techno Viking.  He is a shop keeper that goes by the name of Hans Shlepkopper.   LOL!  So silly!

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