Stabilization + Core Exercises

I basically break up my workout groups into 3 days.  Legs, back + shoulders and arms + chest.  On the 4th day I work out stabilization, abs and glutes as well as plyometrics and cardio.  If I feel like working out a 5th day, I go to Bikram.  Bikram is a great way to develop proprioception and learn proper form and posture.

Here are some of my favorite core exercises.

Jack Knifes

Planks are GREAT for stabilization and core!

You can progress from planks to planks on a yoga ball either feet on the ball or reverse with feet on the floor.  Push ups are also a great stabilizer exercise and when they get easier you can make it harder with a yoga ball.

Leg lifts on a yoga ball make simple leg lifts more difficult, engaging your core muscles.  You’ll definitely feel this in your hamstrings and your glutes as well as your lower back and abs which you use to stabilize.

My all time favorite… Pike ups!

Ab roll

Side Planks

Circuit planks with “bicycles” for a nice burnout.

Yoga ball buttlift

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