My Favorite Madonna Song: the Power of Goodbye

I’ve always enjoyed Madonna’s “Power of Goodbye” as well as her darker transformation during the time she recorded Nothing Really Matters, a fun Japanese inspired video, as well as the top chart single Frozen, a darker video where they play with the positive space of dark fabric and creative CGI.   The henna also adds a nice touch to the dark feel of the music video.  Madonna isn’t the best dancer, or the best singer, but when it comes to creative concepts, and portraying an artistic idea, she is truly an inspiring artist.

Recently, the song “Power of Goodbye” touched me deeper than before.  I first heard the song in the late 90’s around the time she put out her “Ray of Light” album.  What does a teenager know about “the Power of Goodbye?”  Again… Madonna is an artistic genius.  From the heartbreaking lyrics,  to the creative concepts, the chest game symbolizing the game of love, her destroying it, symbolizing the end, the set, a minimalistic Malibu ocean house, to casting, the hypnotizing light eyes of the handsome Croatian actor, Goran Visnijc adds to the lure.

After watching several poorly done re-edited versions of this video, I’ve  decided that the slow tempo of the song fits perfect with the slow movement of Madonna and the story. Of course… it is Madonna, so she can afford the best editors and creative artists.

I also noticed that William Orbit had a hand in the music, thus the electronic feel accompanied with strings.  My favorite instruments  are acoustics such as piano and strings with powerful melodies accompanied with an electronic beat.  MADONNA DID IT FIRST. Her collaboration with William Orbit at this time was truly innovative and has gone on to inspire others to collaborate with opposing style artists, such as artists like Timbaland who have created his career on collaborations with top artists. I can’t wait to write some of my own music, but I imagine that it could sound something like this song, something with a minor melody, power lyrics, a house beat, and orchestral instruments and piano.

What the video here

I especially love the blue feel to the video.  The CGI ripple/blur filter towards the end of the video makes it appear distorted slightly, simulating a water-like effect.  Fans debate that she commits suicide at the end of the music video, but I disagree, and believe it is an artistic way of using water as a symbol of rebirth. At the end of the video she is happy and alive on the beach.

They say that the song is about Madonna’s abusive ex, Sean Penn.

Why do I love this video so much?  The emotion Madonna portrays, the feel the video invokes, the way you can feel the passion followed by the immediate loss, love is fast, a rollercoaster, it comes and goes in a flash.  One second you are engulfed in the flames, the next moment there is nothing left but ashes. I feel like I can relate, and the video was created from a story in my past.  But to anyone who has ever loved and lost, you can understand what I am trying to say.


Kristie Manning

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