10 Things for Him

1. Issey Miyaki $75
(You can find it as low as $33 on Amazon)

2. the inexpensive 1MX Express Mens Slim Fit Dress Shirt. ON SALE $41 in a large variety of colors

3. Diesel underwear is the best!  But I’d be lying if I said it was for him. $20-$35

4. Brioni Paisley Silk Tie $200 @ Neiman Marcus

5. Gym Shoes. I have the Kayanos and I love them!  Why not the Kayanos for men.  $150 @ Foot Locker

6. Supplements from Vitamin Shop: Animal Cuts, Protein, Glutamine, Milk Thistle, all the good stuff! (:

7. Louis Vuitton Cufflinks

8. Bvlgari Men’s Sunglasses @ Sunglass Hut $950

9.  Vivienne Westwood Kicks
I don’t know if they’re men or women’s, but I wouldn’t mind seeing them on my man’s feet. (:

10. Pioneer Pro DJ CDJ-900 (Pro Omni Turntable w/Software) $595 on Google Shopping


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