the Four Seasons Grand Wailea Spa Sold Me an EUPHORIC TRIP.

I went to Maui this weekend and had the opportunity to charge whatever I wanted to the room.  So the ladies and I took advantage of our situation, and had spa day.  The waiting room was comfortable with dried coconut and mangoes which we kept us coming back for small nibbles in between treatments and light ginger tea to keep our appetites at bay.

I started early around 4 with a Lomi Aumoa massage: $450 (80 minutes)

The basis for this very special traditional Hawaiian massage is the intention to protect and nurture. Two therapists, in tune with the spirit of the islands and each other, provide a truly unique healing experience using the flowing Lomi Lomi techniques. You will walk away feeling nourished, protected and deeply relaxed.

I requested ocean front but for some reason they didn’t get the memo.  Having 2 pairs of hands simultaneously on your body was wonderful.

Followed by an acupuncture session: $240

Acupuncture is a 5,000-year-old form of natural medicine originating in China. It is used to realign and balance meridian lines and energy centres in the body. Acupuncture enhances overall well-being and improves a wide variety of conditions, including allergies, anxiety, arthritis, chronic pain, headaches, insomnia, infertility, stress and side effects of cancer treatment.

I have only done acupuncture one other time, previously to this session.  I was unable to relax as he put them in some interesting spots that inflicted minor pain.  I have a fast mind and have a hard time relaxing.  But I do always feel relaxed and more balanced when I through.  I had several cramps in my muscles from moving and he come in and remove a few pins several times.

Ultimate Kate Facial $350 (80 minutes)

This treatment is the ultimate in rejuvenation and results. It begins with a super-hydrating oxygen treatment, using powerful dermal boosters that plump the skin with nutrients. After a relaxing pressure point massage, the experience continues with the DermaLucent light therapy while you enjoy a luxurious foot massage performed with a rich, hydrating lotion. The end result: radiant, hydrated and glowing skin!

I was extremely dry and peeling because I am on retinol right now, prescribed from my dermatologist.  My skin was so sensitive and raw, I asked her not to exfoliate and use gentle products.  My face was burning practically everything she put on.  I was bummed . I thought maybe my facial would be ruined.  She selected a few very gentle products to use on my face.  She proceeded to spend a generous time on extractions, as requested.  Then spent a lot of time getting moisture back into my dry, peeling skin.  The end of the facial was the coolest part.  She put pads on my eyes and turned on an extremely bright light, what I later identified as the “DermaLucent light therapy,” which combines LED light therapy with microcurrent light therapy.  It was so bright it almost hurt my eyes, which I had to shut tightly.  She massaged my hands gently and my feet, and soon I was in a euphoric state.  Waking up 20 minutes later,  I curiously inquired on my fantastic experience.  She continue to explain to me that it stimulates rapid seratonin, explaining the awesome trip, enhanced by a massage.   The Spa at the Four Seasons DELIVERED ME THE BEST TRIP IN MY LIFE!

I use to look at the menus and think that everything was ridiculously overpriced.  Then I was informed that the Four Seasons is the only spa with the LED light facials.  This service is only available in medical spas at a very expensive cost.  I’m so lucky to have experienced this.  It wasn’t until 9 pm that we all were finished at the spa.   My face was looking pretty bad before the facial.  It was dry and peeling and very red and inflamed from the acne medication that had become over drying.  My face came out looking 1000% better!   I want to fly to Maui every month, just to have the Ultimate Kate Facial.

I added a collagen eye lift for $45 as well.  An eye treatment that uses enzyme products to stimulate the skin’s production of collagen, brightening and lifting the skin around the eyes.



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