So if you went to Digital Wonderland, you are either a pedophile, a child, or an E-tard.  So don’t blow your reputation and get caught there. LOL!  Just kidding.  The night of Digital Wonderland, I played designated driver.  What is so wrong about the people that gather here?  Since Highschool, I went to every single “Love Fest” at the water park, since the first one.  The same people who deny it, still show up every year.  THE SAME PEOPLE!  And the message they relay is something we could all apply to our lives, PLUR.  Peace Love Unity and Respect.   I say if people want to jump around and sweat all over each other and love the entire world and everyone surrounding them for 7 hours, (and possibly kill a few brain cells) let them.

See you at Summer Wonderland Saturday @ the Waterpark.



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