July Munch @ Apartm3nt: Southern Italian

Food Menu:

1st Course –

Warm Octopus & sweet onion salad with fresh basil & citrus vinaigrette.  The texture of the octopus was so delicate and soft and the salad was warm and light.  Paired with “Honey and Anise Essence Negroni.” Bombay Sapphire/Carpano Antica Sweet Vermouth/averna amaro/honey and anise reduction/rocks.  The fresh anise seed was pretty, and color golden, and I loved the strength of the cocktail, but the anise flavor was a bit strong for my personal taste.  However, definitely a unique cocktail to open your taste buds.

2nd Course –

Local hand cut pasta with fresh crushed local tomato, garlic, shallots, sliced green beans, red peppers, fresh basil & parsley, grated manchago cheese.  Fresh pasta. Mmmmm! No special culinary talk to describe that.  Just plain Yummy.  Pairs perfectly with “Spiced Fresh Italian Basil Martini.”  Grey Goose/Fresh Lime/White Cane Sugar Reduction/ Fresh Italian Basil/ Serrano Chiles/Seltzer.  The aftertaste of the Chiles are perfect with this dish.  I love all cocktails that involve fresh peppers.  They pair perfectly with appetizers.

3rd Course –

Pan seared 1/2 chicken over roasted cherry tomatoes, asparagus, garlic, sour dough bread, deglazed white wine vinaigrette, tossed with frise. I was so amazed to taste this.  It was probably one of the most perfect bites of chicken I have ever eaten in my life.  The texture was perfectly soft, and flavor, seasoned and salted to perfection.  A healthy portion as well. I could only finish half of it.  The sourdough bread croutons also paired perfectly with the texture.  Paired with “the Sparkling Dogs.”  Tuaca/Grey Goose/Fresh Lemon/Presseco/Chambord.

4th Course –

Panna Cotta & lemon preserve with toasted almonds.   Perfect dessert! Buttermilk Lemoncello: Stoli/Buttermilk/Fresh Lemon/White Cane Sugar Reduction/Holiday Tincture/Cassia/Averna Sambuca.  My favorite cocktail of the evening!



Hope to see you @ Next Munch

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