Imagine if Charlie Sheen Were 007.

That is…

I woke up at 3 AM to get turned onto a sexy new adult cartoon, Archer.  At first I thought it was Adult Swim, then I was informed we were viewing on Netflix, however it began airing in January this year, on FX.  I think I found my new favorite cartoon, apart from Family Guy of course.

Archer is an animated, half-hour comedy set at the International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS), a spy agency where espionage and global crises are merely opportunities for its highly trained employees to confuse, undermine, betray and royally screw each other. The series features the voices of H. Jon Benjamin as suave master spy “Sterling Archer,” whose less-than-masculine code name is “Duchess;” Jessica Walter as his domineering mother and boss, “Malory Archer;” who reminds me of Jame’s Bond’s boss, Aisha Tyler as his ex-girlfriend and current co-worker, “Agent Lana Kane;” George Coe as his aging-but-loyal butler, “Woodhouse;” Chris Parnell as ISIS comptroller and Lana’s new love interest, “Cyril Figgis;” Judy Greer as Malory’s lovesick secretary, “Cheryl;” and Amber Nash as “Pam,” the director of human resources for ISIS.

I guess it’s time for me to catch up on all the episodes now.

“Improve Your Work Environment”

“What it’s Like to Work @ a Spy Agency”

Archer Facebook

Archer Website



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