REPOST: Spitting Some Thoughts…

You told me to just come over and lay down with you.
I was blinded by your speech
and I played along for the joy ride too.
It was an entertaining preach,
but listen to your own words,
if you were only 2/3rds of the man I heard,
you wouldn’t have to teach these birds how to fly
I’m the pilot on command,
on this trek,
and we’re bout to wreck,
the captain of the crew,
I’m a manned satellite, orbiting around you
and . . .

Welcome to “Candy Land.”
Do you wanna be my man?
You wanna Play?  Be my flavor of the week?
Weigh the pros and cons if you decide to stay.
pique my interest, get my attention.
Release all this energy, and sexual tension,
on your wasted pretension.
I’ve got vocabulary and technique,
too strong for the weak,
I’m a rare breed, someone unique.
if you wanna stay the high way,
No room for drama,  just time for play.
Up in the clouds you wanna stay asleep,
But I’m wide awake and my mind wants to go deep.

Kristie Manning inc…
You’re only as good as your weakest link.
Check out all my ink.
I’m particular in the company  I keep.
5 star crew.
So I’m kickin’ it with you.
Learn some Wing Chun Kung Fu,
We’re chillin’ like a Buddhist monk,
But we get down so you better rethink punk,
Next time we roll out to the club drunk,
Don’t come at me with your bunk speech,
Hate speech.
I’ll let you know when it’s your turn to speak. 

I’ll teach you lessons in grammar,
I’m about to drop the hammer,
There is a difference between “their and “there.”
What happened to all your hair?
You wouldn’t know you anal cavity,
from a blunt terrestrial erosion,
gravity has me repelling you,
No need to show emotion,
Oh! Is that too big words for you?
Your tattoo’s tell your age,
those flames and skulls on your sleeve,
You look like you work for minimum wage.
OH you quit being a pastor for 20 years,
to be a drug dealer, Cheers… to that!

You’re coming up in the world my friend!
When’s the last time you went to the gym?
the last time I couldn’t see my feet I was 9 months preg.
I’m fine and looking slim,
n guys just can’t wait to get in.
Stop humping my leg.
Wait your turn in line, get on the list.
You won’t go away, you’re like a cancer, or a cyst.
Keep on creeping, ’cause to me… YOU DON’T EVEN FUCKIN’ EXIST!

by me


One thought on “REPOST: Spitting Some Thoughts…

  1. great poem.

    You had a very intriguing intro, then slightly climaxed as you crushed the ego. In the end, Kristie Manning inc. with your body canvased with ink, your lesson in grammar, is it a Tonka hammer?

    hopefully you smiled.
    tight old cheeks and defined dimples.
    was that upon your face, or better yet lower back?

    your a local girl, so right now comes the crack.
    these lyrics are transcendental and hell not whack.
    what do you have to say to that?

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