the SIngle Largest Loss of Life in a Single Incident Since this War Began

Osama Bin Laden Dead: Inside Navy SEALs Team Six, Training

How convenient.  The only witnesses to the truth about Osama are dead.

If you follow the news, then you know that DEV group or special ops SEAL Team 6 is the group that recently killed Osama Bin Laden.  I posted a blog about the authenticity of the photos.  It has been all over the internet that the photos are a hoax.  And I have expressed my concern, that the body was dumped into the ocean immediately after death, according to Islam law, and that there was no investigation or proof.  The pictures are a fake.  And something does not seem right to me.  You don’t need to be a conspiracist or a rocket scientist to see the math doesn’t add up.

“Although Martin earlier reported that they were not members of SEAL Team 6, as some reports claimed, he is now reporting that It was Navy SEAL Team 6 but no members of bin Laden raid. The total of American dead appears to be 30, and we can say they came from the Navy, Air Force and Army, most of them Navy SEALs from Team 6.”

Coincidentally, 38 troops, 1 interpreter, consisting of 30 American special ops, including 25 Navy SEALS, were killed in a helicopter attack by the Taliban yesterday in Afghanistan. All of the reports stated that it was Team 6.  Then they rescinded on that statement, only to coincide with the fact that they were not the same members that assisted in the defeat of Osama Bin Laden.  Something sounds super shady here.  How does a SEAL team get attacked blindly?  They are suppose to have access to the greatest intel, and are suppose to be highly trained individuals.  You think they would use intel to strategically plan a mission. I don’t think flying in blindly is part of their  plans either.  They train to do things stealthily and undetected.  I would like to criticize whoever was giving orders.  I don’t know details, but something doesn’t seem right to me.  They say that a night mission is the best time to scope out hiding troops, however, it is also riskiest.  SO why foolishly put your best men in one helicopter to scout?  That’s like putting all your eggs in one basket, an easy target.  I’m not a strategist, but common sense says not to move your bishops and rooks until the peons have cleared the board.
They have not yet released the names of the deceased soldiers.  You can see a list of casualties at  Being as my heart is close to one of them, I am worried for him, and some mutual friends.  The reports have all been very unclear.  My heart goes out to all the families and friends, and I pray that he is safe.  I’m truly in shock.  It is hard to think right now.

Which reminds me…

I never finished reading Lone Survivor



One thought on “the SIngle Largest Loss of Life in a Single Incident Since this War Began

  1. Wow. Just when I thought I should shut up about this already. I raised these issues since day 1. I got looked at like I was crazy when I said Bin Laden was visited by CIA while on dialysis in a US military hospital in the middle east. I also said that I heard he died years ago of kidney failure. When I see something sensational in the mainstream news like this I immediately try to figure out what they are trying to divert our attention from. I also immediately think “Lie!” Whenever shit is fucked up at home or when they’re trying to sneak certain legislation under our noses something big throws our attention into the gutter. Like that bitch that killed her kid. Come on! Is that really news? It was a distraction. I could go on and on about numerous issues, but I appreciate someone doing what they can to shed light on this bullshit. Thank you.

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