I know a stranger with dangerous eyes,
an avid text messag-er exchanger, who likes to tell lies,
False avatars only guise the disguised,
texting me all day, until my phone dies,
and turned my phone into a 24 hour amusement park.
He calls me his boss and thinks I’m a shark,
who swims in the balance of the light and dark,
This isn’t the brand of cards Hallmark sells to you,
I want to poke holes in the fortress within,
Cut him open so light can get in,
everything that was or has ever been,
tells a story in dye on my back on my skin,
every needle that stung,
and every note that I sung,
was heroin on my tongue,
spitting poison from my lungs,
my name is Opium.
Don’t get too addicted.
Because I can be vindictive.
Old habits? I kicked it!

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