The Sweetest Letter I Have Ever Had.

I Want Candy but why?

Candy is traditionally covered by a hard colored shell. It is often very sweet if nothing else. It is usually very intriguing in shape and is presented in an “oh so tempting”
fashion. The sweet shell, hard and tough to penetrate, covers what’s inside. Looking at it, when it’s done right, often makes you want to taste it not even knowing what’s inside. Like any good candy the colors that the shell come in are many. Every color of the rainbow but all somewhat similar when tasted. The shell and it’s colors are presented to you in various flavors you’ve tasted before so why taste them again? If you’re the type that enjoys candy frivolously then why not have a handful to wet your pallete? You know it will taste good even if you’ve tasted it a million times. You may even think, i’ll eat a full meal later so a few pieces of candy won’t spoil my appetite! Or maybe you long to have wants on the inside of the candy and this has nothing to do with your appetite or the intriguing colored shell?

You see after you’ve cracked the shell, you realize that it was only the beginning. It’s the starting point to all the real flavor, and complexity, that makes the whole thing work together. Shells are for protection aswell as a housing for soft sweet insides. The softness on the inside sometime’s can’t take any real shape without it’s hard outer casing. What most people don’t understand is that what is on the inside is often so good that it doesn’t even need to be cased up. It’s often just a clever presentation to showcase it’s incredible inside flavor. And even when it runs freely, as it often does when the shell is broken, it flows beautifully and often brings orgasmic joy to anyone willing and able to partake of it. Just watch a persons face when they get to the inside of the candy and you’d think they’d died and gone to heaven. The inside of this candy is soft and sweet like many others, but suprisingly complex. The shell of this candy leads you to believe the inside may not be what it’s cracked up to be but that’s not the case here. Being intrigued by the colorful shell is a given but what’s inside is what will actually reel you in here. That is if you can even get past the shell. Some candies have such a hard shell that you get frustrated with trying to get inside that you throw it away in anger, and often pain. This candy is no different and has a legendary hard outer shell. Every now and then someone bites through and realizes the inside is pretty special, and also worth talking about. Unfortunately, only real candy connoisseur’s know this, as many others are caught up in the hype never bothering to
go past the shell. Their loss.

Life can’t always be explained through a comparison of the make-up of a sugary treat. As a matter of fact it rarely can be, and often shouldln’t be done. It’s probably not an applicable comparison in many aspects to be perfectly honest. In this case it kind of is though. The comparison of this persons personalitie(s) through the 2 main components of candy make so much sense that i had to write it down. In this case it works because one person embodies both the bittersweet hardness, and sweet softness we’ve all come to know, and clearly be synonomous with what makes up candy. It doesn’t hurt that whom i’m really speaking of has
nicknamed herself Candy either.

People will always decide things for themselves. Often because of what someone else around them has decided first but they will decide eventually. Hopefully people can decide to show a little more appreciation for what’s on the inside
than the flashy outside. Just like with a piece of candy. And in this particular case maybe those very same people will take a little more time to let her know that breaking thru her shell was worth it, and that the real goldmine is what’s inside and not just her colorful shell. In my recent bout with candy, i undoubtedly enjoy what’s waiting for you on the inside 100 to 1 over the outside. The main ingredient, and most popular one, of candy, is the sugar. But the best part of it to me, by far, is Kristie Manning.

– *M.Lopez*

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