A Funny Facebook Conversation. “Fading Away.”

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More and more men are perfecting an infuriating alternative to the painful, drawn-out breakup: the disappearing act.

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    • Elijah Soosemea bwuahah.. i don’t even have to read this to know how accurate it is LOL

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    • Kristie Manning lol seriously… I thought it was something I was doing, but I just realized, guys are cowards. If I don’t want to see someone that I have been dating, I at least can tell them the truth, because I have courage and I’m not a freakin coward. Men suck!

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    • Elijah Soosemea hahaha MOST men homie.. lol… but yeah. i’ll admit i’ve done it in the past.. i think its just a guys “i don’t wanna deal with it” attitude at its worst .. but i felt like an ass later and told the girl the truth lol… its better to just say things outright rather than have someone waiting …. (karams a bitch. i learned my lesson) LOL

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    • Shawn Talaro Think about it Kristie… if I get tired of a Chick & don’t wanna to deal with her dumas & all the drama n bs that comes with breaking up, wut is soooo surprising about just letting it all fade to black? Sounds great to me, I’ve done it before & prolly will again…

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    • Kristie Manning ur an asshole shawn, n i’d never date u hahaha

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    • Kristie Manning then you have to deal w her hating you and being upset n sending you txt msgs and shit, then she’s gonna tell all her frenz that you’re a douche, then you can’t date any of them, it’s easier to just take her to dinner, and say hey this isn’t working out, lets be friends… shake hands. I’m best friends with many of my exes. If you at least can do that, and they can’t accept it then they’re the dumb ass

      Yesterday at 4:31pm · Like ·  1 person
    • Kristie Manning then theres the “nice guy” who is like… “I’m at a bad place in my life, it’s not you, it’s me” bull shit. But they can never be real. You usually already know the answer, you just want to hear the truth, n they’re fucking COWARDS

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    • Kristie Manning

      I dated a guy for 5 months for example. It was really fun. But I just decided to be honest n tell him it wasn’t going anywhere. He was really upset at first, but now we’re great friends that he’s over it. He respects me more for being h…See More
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    • Kristie Manning I had this done to me twice, and it wasn’t like it was a new thing. we had been dating for almost half a year. THey just disappeared. And years later, I am still wondering why. I can understand if it’s a new thing, but when you have a commitment, and have expressed your love for eachother, how do you just disappear?

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    • Shawn Talaro ‎1) sounds like u got burn marks on ur ass woman, 2) I am an asshole, 3) if not u, ur friends like assholes & will date a guy u liked behind ur back, bcuz dats how girls roll… :p

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    • Kristie Manning OMFG ur so funny shawn!

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    • Kristie Manning Come see me at Michelles tonite I bartending I’ll burn your fucking ass

      Yesterday at 4:39pm · Like
    • Elijah Soosemea its easier to disappear.. cause in their minds.. .its already decided .. i don’t wanna be with this girl… but they don’t even care to deal with the whole explanation of it or hurting her feelings and honestly they don’t care if they come off like an asshole.. they can also make up an excuse about how their always just busy n all that lol

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    • Kristie Manning Of course its EASIER, but doing the right thing isn’t always easy.

      Yesterday at 4:40pm · Like
    • Shawn Talaro just bein real wit u, cuz gurl u know it’s true, ooooh oooooh ooooooooohhhhh, he won’t love you… lmfao

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    • Kristie Manning people are cold. I’m a warm person.

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    • Elijah Soosemea there’s lots going on in the human psyche but what it all boils down to is what choice got someone burned.. for example.. i did that fade away thing… then i had it happen to me when i was really into someone.. didn’t feel so good..SO .. i can see the light now on that aspect lol..

      Yesterday at 4:40pm · Like
    • Kristie Manning I’ve never done the fade away to a guy even if i was uninterested, even if they were hounding me, I even kept them around for a while, and slowly stopped seeing them, but I was always honest and was always like… hey this isn’t going anywhere… you’re not my boyfriend… there is no committment. THen they’d get fed up and stop calling me. Reverse psychology

      Yesterday at 4:41pm · Like
    • Kristie Manning I know what it feels like, so even if it is harder for some, I would never do that to somebody, because I know I don’t like it done to me. However… I think being honest is liberating, and I’d prefer telling somebody the truth over holding it in.

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    • Elijah Soosemea You ninja’s their brain… women are good at this.. lol

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    • Kristie Manning So guys wanna play stupid. not good enough!

      Yesterday at 4:43pm · Like
    • Kristie Manning for real shawn come talk to me while i working, gonna be slow tonite… need to talk to a friend ;(

      Yesterday at 4:44pm · Like
    • Elijah Soosemea haha well.. .you can’t control how others react or decide how to act but you can change the way you react to it. Some people just haven’t matured past a certain level yet but there are that have.. focus more on those people and forget the rest :p

      Yesterday at 4:45pm · Like
    • Kristie Manning like 40 year old men?

      Yesterday at 4:45pm · Like
    • Kristie Manning I am officially on the rebound… I got my brazilian wax yesterday. TIme to take all the cock I can have !! LOL jk

      Yesterday at 4:46pm · Like
    • Elijah Soosemea no… i’m not 40 homie .. lol.. I’m not the only guy that thinks like that .. there’s a bunch

      Yesterday at 4:46pm · Like
    • Kristie Manning I wasn’t referring to u lol

      Yesterday at 4:46pm · Like
    • Elijah Soosemea wow… i don’t even know how to respond to that … good luck? LOL

      Yesterday at 4:46pm · Like
    • Elijah Soosemea i wasn’t reffering to me either.. lol.. i just meant there are others like me that “get it”

      Yesterday at 4:47pm · Like
    • Kristie Manning of course there are but then there are 40 year old men behaving like little boys too

      Yesterday at 4:48pm · Like
    • Elijah Soosemea oh duh… some people NEVER learn… thats why they’re still 40 and not married lol .. or just keep getting divorces :p

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    • Kristie Manning amen

      Yesterday at 4:52pm · Like
    • Kristie Manning thank u for reminding me that all men are assholes Shawn… I resume my men hating regiment as a stripper siphoning all the money from your pockets without guilt on my conscience. mwuhahahha!

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    • Shawn Talaro Marriage? I’m allergic… and I can’t visit u Kristie, I’m in Kona M-F… u can come visit me during the week if u like…

      Yesterday at 4:57pm · Like
    • Shawn Talaro btw, come burn my ass… :p

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    • Kristie Manning oh fun! No can. Busy week. Ichiriki when you get back.

      Yesterday at 4:58pm · Like
    • Kristie Manning I totally wanna get married n have another kid, to someone normal. lol!

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    • Kristie Manning stalkers on facebook? eh?

      Yesterday at 5:23pm · Like
    • Kristie Manning lol

      Yesterday at 5:31pm · Like
    • Kristie Manning ok heather bring it… i know u have soemthing to say LOL

      Yesterday at 5:33pm · Like
    • Shawn Talaro barf

      Yesterday at 5:39pm · Like
    • Joe Boxell I had a girl to something similar to this to me once, but it was more like a black-out than a fade away: instead of gradually not calling, she just stopped suddenly. I wanted to kill myself for about 2 weeks.

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