Sweet June… Waiting for July.

Haters wanna call me shallow,
and say that I have a hallow heart,
that I never really gave you any part of it,
When there’s a million holes in heaven,
there’s a million holes in my heart,
blood empties through microscopic doors,
like tiny needle pricks, pouring from your pores,
like fresh ink, like tattooing a first loves name on your skin,
my entire back is proof  my love was never thin,
we weren’t all born whores,
just naked and pure,
made with love and sure…
love is the cure for this insanity,
and these substances have been fucking up my clarity,
so I joined this 12 step program, done thrown away my vanity,
if you can’t handle me at my worst, you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best,
every winding road is just another test,
to put my trouble mind at rest,
and all this controversy, I have to detest,
protest it all, holding up signs like a politician,
but to trek over an expedition so dangerous,
the anger we conjur, the pain and anguish,
this game we call love, when do we ever win?
I gave up, I surrendered my white flag, I let you in,
and you have the audacity to grin at my sin,
But it’s not enough to be on the heavy end of the see saw,
My loves an iron ball, connected to a chain,
left out in the rain again,
I’m losing it, am I still sane?
It’s 2 am, and I am all alone,
the storm outside has me soaked to the bone,
and I  keep staring at my shattered phone,
but it’s okay, because tomorrows another day,
June is passed, and so is he,
July will soon come to me.

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