I’m a Good, Bad Girl

Thanks to iPhone and the WordPress ap I have the courtesy of writing this blog during my cardio cool down. Technology, ah! Isn’t it a wonderful thing. What would we do without it?

I have this itch and I can’t wait to get home to write it. So here I am writing this blog at the power of my thumbs. I am by no means perfect, and I never have claimed to be so. I learn everything the hard way, and sometimes, often, I even repeat mistakes. Which is worse? An ignorant offender or someone who doesn’t care with knowledge of their actions.

In a relationship, I am loyal and honest to a fault. Now I see and understand why people tell white lies to not hurt the person or the relationship. But that is fake. I am real. I wish I could be that person who so easily lies. But that just ain’t me. To be with a flirty, free, spontaneous soul, such as myself, the doors of communication and honesty MUST be open. If there is any doubt, then things will never work out.

Sometimes, I often am frustrated with a failed relationship, and often I’d hope to get out at least with a friendship. Sometimes those relationships can’t even end that way, and those are sad endings my friends. Not only do you lose a lover, you lose a best friend. I want to blame them because the other party was dishonest or hiding something, they were seeing someone else, or didn’t have the balls to be honest about something in the relationship. The least I can do is be honest with the person I am seeing, and not take them for a ride. Nobody wants to be let down, but it’s even harder when you are surrounded by lies which only confuse you.

I’m not the type to stay single long. When I am single, I often go out to bars to drink and get my mind off things. So within a week it’s simple for me to get a few phone numbers and casual dinner dates for the next week. Then I pick one I am interested in and end up in this cycle of addiction… To men. Even if I genuinely end up liking the guy, I am accused of being fickle and shallow. Its not my fault I am bombarded by men all the time. I don’t sleep with them all. But I do like to be sociable.

I may be naughty. I may say things that are shocking to mosts ears. I may not give a fuck what anybody thinks of me.I may not go to church on Sunday’s. Sometimes I get way too drunk and makeout with my girlfriends. I may be a goddess in bed and a kinky little thing. Sometimes I drive too fast. I’m super flirty, and I’ll flirt with your man when your not looking. But deep down, I’m a good girl.

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