Memorial Day Weekend Pictures

The weekend started off with a pool party at the Edition 21+ Private Sunset Pool.  Thank you to all of my friends who showed up.  We had so much fun.  The pitchers were delish!  Followed by the grand opening of Michelles.  I came home with like $700 and I wasn’t even working. LOL!  I slept a few hours before heading out to the Marriott Bacardi Pool Party.  It was epic, almost everybody was there.  We after partied and had din a little late at Apartm3nt.  I was super beat and tired so I went to sleep early around midnight.  Yeah, I know that’s not too early, but after 8 am evenings all week, I needing some solid sleep.  I woke up all night every hour and couldn’t sleep.  My body hasn’t gotten 2 hours of sleep consecutively in a week now.  I’m pretty tired and wasted at this point.  Nevertheless… I make it out to the sand bar and check out of my hotel by noon.  I ran to Windward Mall and bought some Anarchy sunglasses.  I dropped a 1/4 bottle of Don Julio into the ocean accidentally, but I walked around giving everybody Jack Daniels, DJ, and Johnny Walker.  It was ridiculous.  I made the best spicy bloody marys on the sand bar supposedly. LOL! I have bruises all over my shins from kicked anchors all effin day.  Owee.  Thank you big Dave for getting me into the Bacardi pool party, and for taking us on your friends boat to the sandbar.  Jocey, I got to know your boyfriend better, and you two are so cute!  I’ll see you at his first Monday night party at Oceans.  Carol thank you for taking care of my hotel all weekend, even if you weren’t feeling good, you were with me the whole time when everyone else was sleeping. LOL!  Thank you Kala for the Jack Daniels lei, and Cherry for the presents.  Thank you Dave too for carrying up all my Buffalo Wild Wings for me, and thank you John Boy for jumping on my bed and making me puke on you.  This weekend was EPIC!  Thank you for my friends that stayed with me all weekend, and actually cared to call me when others didn’t.  When I was in a bad mood, you made me feel better and lifted my spirits.

I told my friends that this is the 1st birthday that I’m alone.  I’m usually at least with an “insignificant other”  or boyfriend on my birthday.  My friends told me that I have good friends and they stayed with me all weekend.  At least I am grateful for that.  I was disappointed though.  There is one person that I wanted to cruise with, and he wasn’t there.

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