The customer service in Honolulu SUCKS and I’m tired of it!  I often wine and dine and recently I have been a victim of poor service from high end places that I have regularly frequented in the past.  In Las Vegas, everyone is made to felt like royalty.  At a 5 star restaurant if there is a bug in your drink, it’s comped.  If the food is less than satisfactory, it is free.  If a reservation is lost, or a mistake in service, they are endlessly apologizing and trying to compensate for the mistake.  When a consumer goes out on the town for dinner at a nice restaurant, to shop at an overpriced store, or buy bottle service in the club, they are not over paying just for the name, they are paying for the experience you can sell.  SO SELL IT!

Last night, my good friend, a Dr. may I add, went to Honolulu’s hot spot, Crazy Box, at the Edition Waikiki hotel last night.  They let numbers of both, men and women pass.  This particular friend is a frequent clubber, and spends a lot of money, especially in his frequent Vegas trips every other month.  He is use to being treated like a rockstar, and being around the beautiful people.  He asked to buy a table and they told him that they were $500, followed by a refusal of their offer.  He said he wanted to buy 2 tables, then they said it was sold out.  Pissed off about waiting in line forever, he told them he’d have a $500 tab minimum at the bar.  The girl refused to let him in, and made him wait forever for a manger.  At this point, he walked out pissed off to come see me at Michelle’s and tell me the story.

I love the Edition, which is why I am having my birthday party at the sunset pool on Saturday.  I was offered a bottle at Crazy Box, but having visited the place only once, waited 20 minutes for a drink while in a bottle service area, to be told they didn’t have the correct liquor to make the drink requested.  I was not impressed with the dark cement box with only 2 bottle service booths at the end.  This supposedly is a high end place with a guest list entry only.  I walked right in without even being ID’d or paying a door cover.  I don’t blame them for letting me pass, I was dressed for the red carpet that evening.  Passing familiar faces, it was like Pearl 3 years ago, just in a different box.  I had an disagreement about the validity of the exclusivity and quality of Crazy Box with one of the Management at the Edition at the sand bar one weekend.  Not only is it not the greatest venue spot, the customer service SUCKS ASS!  Not only at the Crazy Box, but also in most of Honolulu period.

Most people don’t care about the customer service, which they should because if someone has a bad experience somewhere, it’s most likely they aren’t going to want to come back, or they aren’t going to give you that great tip you want to make.  There is a soul food place in Pearl City that I absolutely love, Mama’s Crab Wings, but I refuse to go back to that place because there is a little girl who works there with the worst attitude.  I almost want to go back there and get her fired, because it’s 3 times I have been there and she has been a rude little girl, who refused to serve me water.  She flat out left it on the counter and rudely told me to pour it myself.

Another experience, my friend checked me my daughter and my girlfriend and her baby boy in a Hilton Hotel once.  He is a 7 Diamond customer (VIP).  The drive way was blocked by a car.  I rolled my window down to yell if I can get through.  Rudely, the lady asked if I was a guest.  I told her yes, I am trying to check in.  Then they blocked the valet.  So, I drove into the parking garage.  The security had the audacity to yell at me…

“What are you doing in there?”

“Fucking PARKING in a fucking PARKING GARAGE!”  He prompted me to valet, that it was my only option.  So, I parked.  The reservation was unsuccessful, so all they had was a smoking floor for us with our 2 children.  Not too happy.  Our friend helped us to our room, then they called up to complain that if he was staying, that we had to pay extra for the extra occupancy.  He was not.  The lady had told him that he can leave his car in valet while he helped me up to the rooms with our bags because they were understaffed that night.  Next thing, someone is calling to complain to move his car.  It’s about midnight on a Thursday night, and nobody is out there.  It is silent like crickets. He complained to the manager, which was actually working the valet because of the understaffing.  And they comped the parking which was $20 each.  That is the LEAST they could do.  I couldn’t believe how rude they were to us because they were having a bad night.  The manager who probably would never lose her job over a complaint.  That security guard with 380 attitude, who probably got the job from a family member.  Horrible, just horrible.

I think most people in Honolulu don’t deserve their jobs.  They don’t treat it right like they earned it.  Most of them got it from an Uncle, or a hook up from a friend with no background to qualify for their jobs.  Poor customer service is NEVER an excuse.  They use their jobs to boost their status, when their status is to boost their customers experience, not their own tiny egos.  Get your head outta your arse.  An interviewee once asked me…

“What is excellent customer service to you.”  I replied…

“Treating everybody like a rockstar!”



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