Hiroshi Yakiniku

A few weeks ago, I had dinner with a few of my friends at Hiroshi Yakiniku in Waikiki.  The atmosphere is very urban , with an additional upstairs section to cater to larger parties.  The 8 of us fit perfectly at a corner table upstairs.  3 of my friends, including myself each ordered the Platinum Prix Fixe menu which included HIGH QUALITY Wagyu.  We were tempted to opt out on the beef tongue, but when we found out it was one of the most popular items on the menu, we tried it.  And to our surprise, it was very tender and sliced very thin.  Delicious, also accompanied by several sauces.  I tried several sakes, some Kirin, and even some delicious Calpico shochu.  The roasted garlic accompanying the meats and seafood added a unique touch and appetizer.

This was on 4/20 so no wonder… That’s how I felt. LOL!

Roasted Garlic… Mmmmmmm… My favorite!

Beef Tongue

Wagyu Beef

Afterwards we went to the Shack Waikiki to see my friend Jason Laeha’s band play, LOST AT SEA, followed by a serious kanack session w Natural Vibes. ;D

We’re probably going to go eat there again some time next week. 😉 Come JOIN US!

339 Royal Hawaiian Ave.



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