Surplus? Deficit?

In my consumer class we are currently talking about Globalization.  One of the biggest issues (not only in fashion) is the surplus China has, and the American deficit.  Just the other day, I was saying how Clinton was a great president.  He was the first president to create a surplus in the United States.  But he is only human, and too many people were focusing on his personal sex life.  Personally, who cares, the man works hard, and he needed some personal time.   Who cares about the whole Monica Lewinsky scandal.  It’s propaganda.

So… Anyhow.  I think the US should be focusing on educating future business leaders in America and funding companies that are going to contribute to helping create a surplus via exports, and funding research in American companies such as Apple and Microsoft.  Helping American companies to improve.

Then my father told me something interesting enough the other day.  I had heard about the oil in Montana, billions of barrels.  Enough to supply the world with oil for the next 2,000 years.  Then supposedly my father told me there was recently discovered TRILLIONS of barrels of oil under the Rocky Mountains.  There is an estimated 2 trillion barrels of oil buried beneath parts of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. Geologists, petroleum companies and the federal government have known about these massive deposits for nearly a century.  Still, if only half can be extracted, scientists believe the amount is nearly triple the oil reserves of Saudi Arabia.  Why don’t they start funding into getting at that oil?  It is a low quality oil, from oil shale.  So why don’t we start converting to electronics that run efficiently off this source of fuel?  This would create our independence from Saudi Arabia.  ALSO… Why not invest more into alternative energy.  I have heard about a scientists who powers his home from the natural energy from the earth, and he also has an entirely powered hydro car.  It is possible, but how to create ways to make it cost efficient.  It will happen one day.  Look how flat the television screen is, and how small our phones are.  Anything is possible.  I’m pretty sure the government had a version of a touch screen iphone 10 years ago, and at that point it cost $10,000.

Interesting enough, I met an old Chinese man in Vegas.  He owned an electronics manufacturing company.  He told me that they make phones that can emerge in the water 1,000 ft and not break.  These phones are being made by the government and cost $10,000 at this point.  However, one day, that technology will be available to the public.  Remember Avatar where they had those flat clear screens you can fold and move.  He told me they are already in the process of creating those types of flexible soft screens.  He was wary to divulge this information, but after a bunch of drinks, he was telling me all kinds of interesting stories!

Look into the bionic eye, which has only been tested in animals.  According to Government Technology, engineers at the University of Washington have developed contact lenses with integrated circuitry. Although the lenses have only been tested on animals, researchers are working on having electronic lenses overlay a display over a person’s visual field without impairing sight. Researchers hope that the lenses, once completed, will allow users to zoom in on distant objects and see useful facts. Future applications might allow drivers and pilots to see their direction and speed projected across their view or to surf the Web without a monitor. The circuit components would be powered by integrated solar cells and a wireless radio-frequency receiver. GNARLY!

On another note!

So… I’m concerned.  If Trump is running the Republican party, then I’m pretty sure Obama is going to get back in.  Nobody likes Palin, and Trump… yeah right!  He holds a small share of the Republican votes, the wealthy people, but I don’t see how helping the wealthy people is going to help the United States.  I’m sure he knows as great deal of economics, but who is to know what his plans are.  I don’t see a better candidate either.  What to do?  I’d vote Clinton back in.  Or Ron Paul! LOL!

4 thoughts on “Surplus? Deficit?

  1. 1) Trump is not running for office, he’s just a attention hound like you. Nor would anyone considering him running the republican party 2) shale oil is a type of rock that when processed at high heats will let the oil get out, which means yeah we could process it and use it but then the gas would be as expensive as it is now, and it’s more in the US and others interest to try and get the “cheap oil” in the middle east and other countries through the ways we are currently

    Not that I like him in anyway, but I think you may like Herman Kane… if you like Ron Paul..

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