Osama Dead is a Conspiracy!

You all know how I can go off for days about conspiracies, and the war, and how it is all BS! I’m not an unpatriotic anarchist who doesn’t support my troops.  But I don’t trust the government, the military, or the politicians.  There is too much going on, and too much abused power to make sense of ANYTHING.  So to me, it all just doesn’t make sense.  But to put Osama’s body in the ocean according to Islam law within 24 hours had to be done.  How convenient that there is no videos or evidence.  And how do we, as the American people actually know that this is Osama.  Because “the media” or the “US Government” said so.  Because they kept his sister’s brain and compared DNA?  This is just another peon moved off the board, if you ask me.  Here’s the so called picture.

And why was Osama in Pakistan when they swore he wasn’t there?  He was unguarded with only a few men in his million dollar home and a few wives.  He was so safe and secure and sure that nothing would happen that he was completely unarmed and caught off guard.  Was this a part of a plan?  Or was the Pakistan government assuring his safety that he had no protection?  Either way, something isn’t right with that situation.

According to CNN it was a special Navy SEAL team called TEAM 6, I know as the DEV group.  An entire separate training exists to qualify to be a part of this secret and elite team.  I knew a SEAL who went through the training and on the last day during the test, when they were doing “sweeps” he turned the wrong way, and failed.  How sad. That is an elite and grueling training only for the best.

I was given a book called “the Lone Survivor” about a SEAL team who was betrayed in Pakistan by some mountain children, which whom they gave chocolate to in exchange for information.  The children betrayed their position and the entire team was killed except Marcus Luttrell, the author of the book.  I think I should finish reading it.  I only began reading the first few chapters but never finished it.  A lot of SEALS say its the book that should have never been written in the first place.  Supposedly they are making an all star motion picture of the book, but I have not heard anything.  It exposes some of the missions and training these soldiers go through.

If you ever meet a Navy SEAL, most of them are whores.  But… you guys are still my heroes. ;D LOL!



2 thoughts on “Osama Dead is a Conspiracy!

  1. Al Quaida publicly confirmed that Bin Laden had been killed. No reason for them to do it if “The Americans” were lying through their teeth about it in some sort of conspiracy.

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