My Run in with the Future President of the World!

It was an average night at Spearmint Rhino in Las Vegas. Shoulder to shoulder of tourists bumping into each other just to get through the crowd. After taking ten minutes to get through craziness, I approached the glass booth, a 3 bottle minimum area. A young white man, armed to the teeth with Dolce & Gabanna suit wearing security warned me away. He took one look at me and told the security to allow me through. It had been a hectic night and I made no money, on top of the $80 house fee I paid, I was in the hole. I sat and talked to the man for a while. He was completely wasted. I took him for a $400 VIP dance in the champagne room and we mostly talked. I was very bitchy with him, but he seemed to like it. The security told me that we can’t serve him anymore drinks or spend anymore time in VIP because he was too inebriated. What haters! Putting restriction on my money and immediately trying to being in another girl.

I snuck him around back, refused my normal $40 tip for the host, and bought a bottle in a private curtained celebrity booth. By the end of 4 hours ($2000 later) we had established that he was going to be the future president of the world and that his family was very powerful. He told me that one family owns the entire northern hemisphere. Well at least we established they don’t own south America and Africa or Australia. Lol! He told me that someone would come to my home to erase my memory tomorrow. Yeah right! I put a note in my iPhone just in case. Lmfao! I guess it wasn’t true because here I am telling my story about my run in with the illuminati, someone from the Bilderberg group, perhaps a descendent of Rothschild or Rockefeller. Omfg! Lmfao!!!

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