April “French” Munch

They started with a french pate’.  One was a garlic basil.  My favorite was the chicken.

The first drink was “Ginger and Bordeaux.”  They used ginger liqueur, white bordeaux, with fresh mint, and fresh ginger.  It had a sweet cocktail/mojito taste to it with a light pepper aftertaste from the sugar and white pepper rimmed glass.

The first dish was the “curry mussel roulade.”  Both of my friends dislike seafood, so I got to eat all their mussels. 😉  It was a little bit on the salty side, but the flavors were wonderful and rich

The main dish was coq au vin.  It had pieces of soft pork fat cooked in the chicken, which added ample flavor to the already flavorful broth with mushrooms and vegetables. A unique dish I have never enjoyed before Munch.


It was paired with “Burgundy Meets the French Quarter.”  Remy Martin VSOP Cognac.  Compana Antiqa.  Absinthe.  Peychaud’s Bitters. Citrus Essence.  This was a very strong drink, my kind of drink, since I’m a scotch on the rocks kind of girl. 😉  Too strong for two of my friends, I dumped both their drinks into mine. Thumbs up for my favorite drink!

By the 3rd course I was bombed and after drinking the stronger second drink, I wasn’t ready for the desert drink served.  It tasted like a chocolate martini in a rocks glass except clear.  I sipped it to try it, then handed it to my friend and continued to sip on my strong drink from the second course.  When desert came out, I continued to sip on my triple drink, while I shared a fresh, sweet, raspberry sorbet with my Roomie, Kent.

Blane Suizu, Theresa Chen, Jane Dubiel, Kristie Manning, Sarah Mankin and Kent Alverio.

Jeffrey Veal and I sharing a bottle of wine at the bar @ Apartm3nt.

I also stayed for the band, Clone’s of the Queen, and they were awesome!

See you at the next Munch, Japanese themed!



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