the People @ Hawaii Medical Center West are MORONS!

So… Tuesday night around midnight I had dinner with my boyfriend at Izakaya Naru on King St.  Tired, about 2:30 we got home and I immediately passed out.  He went home, and since I am so busy with midterms, I didn’t talk to him that day and went to work.  He text me at night while I was at work.  Then I asked him if he wanted to go to Molokai or Maui for my spring break next week.  He didn’t reply.  I assumed he was asleep.  The next day was the same thing all day, studying, then I went to work.  By evening time, I began to get upset because he didn’t return my call.  In a bad mood, I went home early and stayed up with my roommate trying to distract myself by having a Sam Adams and Facebook whoring till 230 AM.

In the morning, I decided this had gone on long enough and was upset.  I hadn’t heard from him for 2 days.  Annoyed that I have 140 drawings to do by midnight Sunday, and unable to find a clear head space, I decided to go get a wax and go to the gym.  After an intense arms workout and some intense cardio, my friend suggested that I call the hospitals.  I called Straub because that is where is medical insurance is at.  But if there was an emergency, I’d assume he’d be taken to somewhere in Ewa Beach since that is where he lives.  They forwarded me to Hawaii Medical Center West.  When the lady answered, she had a thick Filipino accent.  She told me that she cannot release that information because it is illegal and confidential.  I knew I had found him, and I told her that I am going to make a missing person’s report, I need to know if he is in there.  So she confessed to me that he was there.  I wasn’t sure where Hawaii Medical Center West was.  Apparently it was in Ewa where the old St Francis was.  I called my friend who is a Doctor there, and he informed me it was on the left side, headed towards the beach.  I passed right by St Francis, and drove all the way down to Ewa Beach.  Frustrated, I didn’t find it, I googled it on my iPhone and saw it was all the way back at St Francis.  In my hysteria and panic, I called my friend and my roommate.  I felt a million different emotions all at once.  What is going on?   Why hasn’t he called?  Is he hurt?

I get to the E.R. and ask to see him.  They tell me that there is no such patient by that name registered.  I completely flipped out!  What the hell was going on?  So I went to the main hospital and asked the security to help me.  I was so upset, I asked him why would they tell me he was here if he isn’t?  What is going on?  Then it occurred to me that if he wanted a block that they were bound by confidentiality.  But why would he block me?  It didn’t seem right.  So here I am hysterical, and I start to cry.  I turn around and there is my friend Joe.  I hate Joe, but I was happy for him to stay with me while I sorted it all out.  My “baby’s daddy” was there for an appointment right around the corner.

So upset, I decided to call the police and file a missing persons report.  If he is in the hospital, at least the police can report to me that there has been an accident, or something else.  While I am waiting for the police to appear, my boyfriend calls.  I am so flipping out on him,  WTF IS GOING ON???  Apparently his phone was broken, and he didn’t think to try to get a hold of me, and had just bought a new phone at T-Mobile.  The people at Hawaii Medical Center West are Morons!  Who the hell tells someone their boyfriend is in Emergency when they’re not?  What a whirlwind of emotions, an emotional roller coaster.

Ladie’s call your man… Men, call your ladies.



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