If you go on Model Mayhem or One Model Place, then TFP is no new thing to you.  It’s surprising how many amateur photographers, (as well as talented) and perverts stalk these sites to find FREE models.  As models of the Hawaii scene, we need to make a stand and say NO to TFP.  I admit, there are a few very talented photographers that I would like to collaborate with, and I enjoy working with, however, you need to seriously screen  your photographers, get referrals, and check out their portfolio’s thoroughly before shooting with them.  GWC’s: (Guy’s With Camera’s).  Don’t be a victim to GWC’s.  Anybody with a camera can claim to be a photographer, and really they are just perving out on you!


I want to have a NO MORE FREE SHOOTS MODEL PARTY.”  Are you in??? Everybody in Hawaii does fashion shows for free.  There is no paid work because you guys do it to the scene.  You are so desperate to be a part of the show, that most of you are doing these show’s for free.  From time to time, I admit, I have done a few shows free, but only in exchange for a favor.  NO MORE TFPS.  WHO’S WITH ME??? If you are a model and support this idea, please support our NEW and UPCOMING events.


2 thoughts on “NO MORE TFP SHOOTS

  1. Well said there. So when you like test shoot? Ha, ha kidding. See you hopefully, it’s just too darn busy every aspect of my fabulous life. 🙂
    Big hug,

  2. The aspiring model…
    by Russell Tanoue on Sunday, September 12, 2010 at 4:43pm
    To answer the aspiring model:
    The elite works with only the best, has a legit agent, only works with referrals from your agent, has a portfolio with 50% tear sheets or more, quality photos that are consistent with your book. 3 hot images are better than 25 countless images that say nothing, keeps away from non national model search, pageants etc. because, unless it’s a national event, then it is worth the investment. And most of all, deliver as a model. Your job is to make everything “look” good.

    Remember, too much of anything is a BURN OUT and the same applies to you. If you have tons of so, so images circulating all over the place, your hot images will not mean anything. Remember, it’s the flaws that people remember.

    Do it right, obtain a professional agent/manager and let them do the job. There are so many wanna be everything out there if you get caught up in the web, you will eventually burn your image out and no one will want you.

    Be an elite model and treat yourself as a product in the business and don’t take it personally.

    Hope that helped.

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