February “Munch” @ Apartm3nt

I went to dinner at Apartm3nt for the once a month 3 course pairing dinner.  The mixologist, Joey Gottesman literally walked in the door and made his drink menu, “iron chef style,” right before dinner. The first drink was a Gentleman Jack and Jamaica Sparkler: gentleman jack, with jimica, and white cane sugar reduction.  It was a bright red color, and rimmed with Jamaica spices and salt.  The rimmed glass gave a great contrast to a sweeter drink. A great starter drink, followed by a simple and light tofu and tomato salad.

The next drink was a bit different with apple pulp, served on the rocks in a small glass. The Fuji Apple Martini:  Ty Ku, fresh fuji apple, fresh lime, st. germaine elderflower liquer, and effervescence.  A very different drink, but paired perfectly with the main dish: roasted pork loin over sweet potato mash, sauteed kale, and apple onion chutney.  Super simplistic, but great combinations!  I dont’ eat a lot of pork but it was perfect, and a large portion.  I had to give David half of my second piece. 😉 I had never had Kale before, but with the buttery garlic flavor, it was my favorite.  I’d perfectly take small bites of each piece, perfectly going in a neverending circle around my plate until it was all gone, they paired so perfectly! 

The last dessert drink was my favorite, since I am a Bourbon and Scotch drinker.  Buttered Bourbon and Pancetta: Wooford Reserve Bourbon, butter, pancetta, heavy cream and brown sugar served in a snifter.  It paired perfectly with a Kentucky Bourbon pound cake with grilled pear, and a brown sugar whiskey sauce.  The brown sugar whiskey sauce was a sticky caramel topped with a small scoop of icecream.  This cake was so rich and delicious.

I thoroughly enjoy going to Munch every month! It’s refreshingly new dishes and great one of a kind cocktails.  I hope that you join me next month, the last Thursday of the month, for Munch.

I just used my iPhone to take some pics lol Hopefully I find my Canon EOS 40D by next munch and take some good pics.

Here’s me and the lovely Jessie Chiu.  You can see my hair was pulled back and all ugly because I was cruising Waikiki all day. LOL!

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