PLEASE TAKE MY POLL!: Censor or Liberate?

So my good friend, a business major at UH, recently presented an argument to me which is greatly unsettling to me.  I know his intentions are not to insult me, but in a way I was upset and felt like it was an attack on who I am and my image.  So I took a step back and had to reevaluate.

His argument is that people with “big names” and “images” to worry about won’t want to do business with me because of the sexual content on my website.  He suggested that I take some of it down and clean up my image.  Cleaning up my image is important in any business.  “But as a publicly shared company or entity I PROMISE you that if you keep it clean you WILL appeal to the MAJORITY of the population! And the minority of people that hide in the shadows will also support you, knowing that they will not be ‘exposed’ based on their personal life choices.”

I truly agree with this.  Image is everything.  Perhaps my image is to not be like everybody else.  But I don’t need somebody with a “big name” to make a name for myself.  They probably read my blog too and are laughing their asses off at it.  Probably thinking the same thing.  But they are afraid to voice it because they are afraid to be judged negatively by other people.  They feel they have an “image” to uphold.  Psshhhhh!!!! NOT FOR ME! I do believe there’s a line I won’t cross, but being sexually deviant, and liberal isn’t one of them.  If a comedian wants to make a sexual or racial joke, it’s ok.  If an artist makes a provocative piece of art, it’s okay.  I want to back up, that writing is a way of expression, and this blog is about expressing myself. I am happy working with the excellent team of professionals I am currently involved with, that currently market to the same niche as myself, the non-conservative, younger generation.  And apparently the people who “gossip” about me, are loving to hate me, or they love me.  Either way they are talking about me, and they know who I am.  My friend suggested cleaning up my image.  Then that would mean I would have to change who I am completely: a rebel without a cause, A BAD GIRL.

My blog isn’t a wall for your image.  It’s a way for me to express myself uncensored.  It just so happens that it can also be wielded as a marketing tool.  I suggest if you think you’re too good to collaborate with me, then you probably are.  And if you have a family oriented business, or a conservative market, then I am probably not the correct marketing niche for you.  I want that liberal, edgy, young generation to follow me.  I also believe I have already built up my followers around the content my website contains, and if I was to change the style of the site, my followers would not be the same.

Tell me what you think.  Please leave suggestions and comments and answer my poll.   Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

So just because I have a “I don’t give a fuck” attitude about things, doesn’t make me any less talented, competent or legitimate.

3 thoughts on “PLEASE TAKE MY POLL!: Censor or Liberate?

  1. I don’t get what the big deal is.

    In your specific case, you already know your demographic and your business ventures target that group. No big deal so long as you know that if ever venturing outside of that, your past and your actions may potentially have its consequences. Image is really about credibility and that is something that must be earned.

    If you can show investors your “business model” makes money and will make them money, the smart business will follow the money. Political and religious factors may play a part for obvious reasons but that’s the “big” issue with most people.

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