I Haven’t Had My Period For 7 Weeks

A lot of people are in awe with my openness about personal issues. I say when you are a woman who gets her annual finger fuck (Pap Smear), and have had a kid, you’ve probably had a million nurses check your cervix, you learn that these topics are natural.

So I haven’t had my period for 7 weeks, but haven’t had a very sexually active fall and winter, so I was very confused. But accidents happen. My good friend even got pregnant while she was on the depot shot. My entire life I have mostly had regular periods, except for 2 years, 5 years ago, when I was on a form of birth control, depot shot. My period completely disappeared for two years. As soon as you get off the depot shot, you are highly fertile and susceptible to pregnancy. I immediately got pregnant the month I quit my depot shot. What they don’t tell you is that depot shot depletes your calcium, and anything longer than 2 years can cause osteoperosis and medical problems in the long run. Earlier this year I took depot shot for 9 months. Which is why I believe in the fall (Sept/Oct) could have been the inception date. But why didn’t I expect it earlier?

The last 3 months of my last depot shot I had my period for 3 months straight. When I got off depot shot, I missed my period, so I took a pregnancy test. Again, it was negative. In Oct, Nov, and Dec. my period was irregular but it still came eventually, and I wasn’t very sexually active, so I didn’t think I was pregnant.

Came new years, I didn’t have my period.  It’s the 17th and still no period. How can I be pregnant if I had my period? What some people don’t know is that you can bleed while you are pregnant. I bled regularly during my entire pregnancy with my daughter. I didn’t even have my first ultrasound and pregnancy until way after the 20th week.  One time I hemorrhaged to death and the doctors told me I was fine. The truth, you could be having regular periods, and you could be pregnant.

So… I haven’t had my period for 7 weeks, and a little perplexed, there are cobwebs spinning down there, today I took a pregnancy test. I had to pee so bad, I forgot to pee on the test, and had to wait half an hour to pee again. It was NEGATIVE, thank god! There are many things that can cause your period  to be irregular: Stress, poor body fat, bulemia, anorexia, intense exercise, menarche, menopause, low body fat, hormonal birth control, or a number of various things including serious medical problems or diseases and STDS. So I also did all of my regular check ups as well to be safe. Everything normal .I’ve been hitting the gym really hard, 2 1/2 hours a day, andhave drastically been losing weight. Perhaps, my stress level, with moving and all, has skyrocketed.

My girlfriend told me this blog is a little honest. Shit! It’s insightful, has useful information, and if any of you are getting off by reading this bit of personal information about me, then fuck off you sickos! LOL! And for those of you that thought I got knocked up? ha!



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