I watched Salt on Xmas with my family.  I didn’t get to watch it in the movies.   I was surprised, it was a more serious role on Angelina Jolie’s behalf.  A lot of people told me I could play that role, and I would love to!  Angelina Jolie movies are usually fluffed with unrealistic action, sex scenes, and light sexy humor.  There were a few unbelievable scenes, like when she was flying down the elevator, level to level.  I think the plot takes so many twists, and you are constantly on the search for the truth. Is she American?  Is the Russian?  Is she a double agent?  A triple agent? Is she good? Is she bad? Who’s side is she on?  Usually I’m good about guessing things, but there are so many turns, I couldn’t tell.  Can’t wait to see Salt II.  My favorite Jolie movie.    What I loved most were her many transformations.

“Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn.”

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