My new drink… the Rusty Nail

Carrie Bradshaw had the Cosmo, Bond had the Martini shaken, Obama likes Corona (Light) and lime.  I am going to popularize the “Rusty Nail.” 

It contains:

 2 oz. of scotch

1 oz. of Drambui, a sweet honey and herbs liquer

 on the rocks. 

If you want to be a real Scotch connoisseur, you can get a  $900 bottle of Macallan Scotch Single Malt 30 Yr 750ML.  I prefer Johnny Walker (blue).  The boys drink Buchanan. 

Any bartender will tell you that they haven’t picked up Drambui in years, or most clubs won’t even carry it.  You can also substitute Drambui for “Barenjager,” a German version.  Anyhow… all of my girlfriend’s who have tried it immediately fall in love with it. And the ice melting in a rocks glass makes the last few drops till the end delicious.  Most bartenders will tell you it’s an old man’s drink.  But as a drinker, constantly finding my “drink,” I think I have finally found it.

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