My Fashion Business Class Discussion Post

It’s finals and we’re having open post discussions.  If you know me, miss know it all, I’m going to come back with a quick response with facts to back it up.  It surprises me how ignorant and uneducated some people can be.  Please don’t laugh too hard, and please feel free to post whatever your views are on these subjects.  I love a good debate!

The subject was…

Start a paragraph with “Don’t get me started on…”

Kristie Manning

Don’t get me started on PETA!  I’m not a cruel, animal hating person, but I think their pushy controversial ways to make someone see their way is a major turn off.  Throwing paint on what was probably a $10,000 fur coat that belonged to Anna Wintour, (editor of Vogue) at the Four Seasons is completely unacceptable.  Or how about that PETA member who jumped on the runway in the middle of a Fashion Week show.  She looked like an idiot!  Creating what was rumored to be a propaganda video, was a video of Chinese employees being cruel, skinning animals alive.  The truth about the origin of these movies, whether or not they were created by extreme PETA members or are true depictions of what goes on in these fur manufacturer companies, we will never know.  I’m super peeved by people who push beliefs, religion or ethics and morals on anyone.  I like Tim Gun’s politically correct stand on this controversial subject.  Wear fur if you want, but own up to your choice.

Erin Noelle Bolefahr

Don’t get me started on our discussion in Module 6.  Viewing the PETA china fur farm video made me absolutely sick to my stomach.  The images are still embedded in my mind 😦  Reviewing PETA’s website has altered my impression over fur jackets.  I have one and do not think I will buy another.  It’s snowing here in Denver and I wore it last week and had those images in my mind again 😦  I can’t watch torture.  I am so against the way third world countries produce fur.  On the other hand, I will purchase leather clothing since that is a by-product of the meat industry – no harm in that!


Kristie Manning

I’ve been told that PETA members themselves made that video for propaganda, and that could be a lie very well itself.  However, don’t you think it’s strange nobody takes credit for the creation of that video?

Wynette Simmons


When it comes to fur manufacturing I will purchase a fur but believe that the industry needs to be better regulated and they need better practices. Especially after this class, I now have  a more educated view and am really indifferent about the situation. I do understand why PETA exists and I think they have their place in society because who else is there to speak for animals?  Their tactics may be extreme, but you have zealots among all organizations regardless of their cause. I don’t see it as forcing a belief no more than creating awareness. You have extremists among abortion protestors as well, as they are standing up for children’s rights. If these organizations do not lobby and speak out there will be no one demanding better regulations. PETA provides a voice for the animals.

Kristie Manning

I’m not AGAINST PETA.  I don’t believe in animal cruelty.  I don’t like their outrageous and sometimes illegal tactics to draw attention.  It’s annoying.  You can’t police the world.  We can’t even take care of our own country.  I’m a big believer in respecting other peoples decisions, and beliefs.  That’s all.

I’ve actually researched the Islam religion, and learned from an actual Islam’s perspective and it opened my eyes.  The day Osama died, I was sent a 2 hour long rant on my wall of my blog.  SOme of it was hate speech, but some of it made me realize a lot.  That there are a lot of strange things in this world and who are we, American’s, to push our views on the world.  That’s why everyone hates American’s.  We’re trying to be in everyone’s busienss and tell everyone how to live.  I see the point that Burka’s are controversial because they repress women’s rights from an American’s perspective, but that is their religion.  What if I started saying that Catholicism is whack and you all think you’re going to Heaven?  After we die, there is nothing.  Those are just bedtime stories they tell you, and some greedy powerful white guy set up the Catholic church.  That would be offensive.  I was talking with my boyfriend about North Korea the other day.  I said ignorantly that they are “brainwashed” to actually want to stay in North Korea.  They are happy there even though it is an oppressed country.  My bf told me that was ignorant and very “American” for me to say, and I immediately agreed.  THey live by their ways, and who are we to tell them how to live? They are happy. MTV reporter, Suchin Pak, did a report on North Korea, they actually let her in.  People in N Korea are so happy to live there and have so much honor for their leader.


If I am to understand correctly, zealot is an extremist?

Yes there are zealots in every organization.  That is my pet peeve.  The Zealots of PETA.

And we shouldn’t be ignorant American’s and push believes on anyone.  Respect everyone’s opinions and protest respectfully.  Why don’t we go start a war with China to save the animals?  (sarcasm)

Wynette Simmons

As far as PETA, they represent something about America that everyone must respect and that is the idea of “freedom of speech” and although the world is corrupt America is still the best country on earth. One thing I like about PETA is the letter that they send when they ask people to stop wearing furs. No we should not police other countries but the policing is bigger than “sticking noses in other countries business”, but its about the sanctions and agreements that NAFTA and the WTO have with these countries to protect them.

We have countries in which women and children are slain and do not even have drinkable water. When I hear alot of immigrants talk about why they came to America it is for a better life in which they can pursue their dreams and escape poverty and things like child labor(especially in fashion). That is why America is a beacon because people get slaughtered and jailed with no government laws to regulate them. Our laws may not be perfect, but we have them.

Fashion apparel and the textile industry has had a strong role in international trade especially before the recession.I do not know how much you know about international trade but fur manufacturing and the waste of the fashion industry as a whole affects the environment and humans. And China alone is harming its own people for wealth so PETA throwing blood on a fur is minute when you look at the whole picture.

Kristie Manning

I agree. PETA’s message is important, but how extreme PETA members portray their message is wrong.  Why don’t they just blow up a Chinese Fur Company to get their message across? The ends doesn’t justify the means.

America is the best Country on Earth?
That is the most ignorant statement I have ever heard!  And I am ashamed as an AMerican that most American’s are brainwashed to have that mentality, and that is why everyone hates us.

There are a lot of bad things happening in this world. And America always tries to stick their noses in everyone’s business.  Why are we bailing out the banks in Germany and other countries?  Who bailed us out?  When we have problems, who sends us money?  When Japan had an Earthquake how many millions of dollars did we send them?  America is screwed up.  And we are all brain washed in our “freedom” that is slowly being taken away, and caught up in the red white and blue, but do you really even know what it’s about?

Yes, I agree, there are horrible things in this world that I don’t support.  Can we stop it?  No.  Do you think that China wants to change laws to protect those people? NO! That is what their economy is thriving on.  Taking advantage of the less fortunate, while the rich get richer.  Do you know that Rockafeller invented the education system in America today because he needed to grow a work force of “do-ers” and not “thinkers.”  That is why we go to school and work 9-5 and have breaks and recess and school bells.

It is our job as a consumer and an American to choose to support these companies or not to.  If in the future, nobody supports them, then they will be shut down.  But I highly doubt that because awareness is not there and there is a need for affordable goods.  We can’t police the world.  We can only start with sharing ideas and starting with making more conscious purchasing decisions for ourselves.

You think that throwing blood on a $10,000 fur coat is minimal?  It’s wrong, regardless of the message they are trying to make.  The message is clear, but that kind of disrespect upsets me.  What about pollution a car makes.  A v-8 car creates more pollution that creating one fur coat. How would you feel if you bought a v-8 $100,000 BMW and someone threw paint on it because they think that v-8s and SUV’s are a waste and bad for the environment?  It’s wrong, it’s sickening, and if someone did that to me, I’d chase them down and beat them until the police came and have them arrested for felony criminal property damage.

These are hilarious!  I want to repost these messages in a blog.

Wynette Simmons

I’m not just going to be posting open rhetoric, if we were speaking on PETA. I don’t appreciate you calling me ignorant because my vocabulary is very strong, and I speak on terms you have to go in the dictionary to find the definition. As an African-American whom America still has not paid reparations, I still stand by it being the best. Go live in a 3rd world country and then get back with me. I find your post offensive when you say “urban dictionary” as a reference for haters. That is what you call stereotypes. Just like you spoke on Islamic zealots but you never defined the meaning of Islam or what it represents. I don’t speak in slang terms and you don’t have my permission to post my words on a meaningless blog. Ignorance speaks for itself. Peace and God bless.

Kristie Manning

I didn’t say you were ignorant.  I said the statement that “America is the greatest country” is ignorant and I STAND BY THAT!  I understand America has the constitution and we are protected by laws, but do you know that those rights are all slowly being taken away from us.  Read a 60’s book called “None Dare Call it Conspiracy.”  THere is a list in there of everything that is going to happen.  In the 60’s it was outrageous, but everything on that list has happened, except for the banning of guns, which is currently in progress.  SO many people are trying to fight for the banning of guns, and governor in states like AZ  who have fought against it are getting a hard time.  In the declaration of Marshall law, guns will be banned.  My father told me in the military, in the 70’s, that they had vehicles that drove down the street with xrays so that they can inventory what guns are in peoples homes.  That is totally illegal, but it is true.    You know we are protected by the law that we have the right to a fair hearing.  Well the government has changed the laws that, in the name of fighting terrorism, they can unrightfully detain you in federal prisons without trial, without probable cause.  That is an infringment on civil rights.  Also… the Big Brother program.  THey are spying on our cell phones, the internet, etc.  That is an invasion of our civil rights and invasion of privacy.  But it is all in the name of fighting terrorism.  You don’t even know how much of our rights are taken away every day, it’s sickening.  You’re so proud of America?  I am about the constitution and the idea, but what AMerica has become is a bully to other countries, a mass of brainwashed people who believe in the idea of the red white and blue, but don’t even know what it’s about.  Someone who is not American will tell you the same thing.

I’ve been to 3rd world countries.  I’ve been to great nations like UAE (Dubai), I’ve travelled, and that is why I appreciate culture and respect other peoples opinions and religion.  I actually considered moving to Bali, where life is much slower.  I appreciate slow life, and despise the rat race of America, the corporations taking over, and the corrupt politicians, life is very much different there.  I believe in sustaining the laws of your country, and respecting other peoples culture, and not sticking your nose in other peoples business.  Everything is politics and about money and the reason for the fighting and war and bad things happening.  If people learned how to mind their own business and stop starting issues for political and monetary reasons, we wouldn’t have these wars.  Political issues are publicity for war mongers, and people making money off the war.  Someone is driving these ideas and issues and profiting greatly off of it.

PETA shares an important message.  But it is diluted in their tactic.  You don’t think that some politician or lobbyist is affiliated within the fashion industry is affiliated with PETA pushing the idea to try to hurt the Chinese economy.  It’s like publicity for the AMerican Fashion Industry, attacking China’s ethics is America’s way of dealing with them owning us, but in reality, we need to adapt to the world and stop pushing what is best for us on them.  THey’re doing well, so they apparently don’t care about our economy because they’re making money off of us.


America has still not paid reparations?  Wow you brought that into this?  Honey, I am Native American, Japanese, and German.  A very eclectic mix.  I am also a local in Hawaii.  I see how the Hawaiian islands were taken from the Hawaiians.  In the Japanese war, the Japanese (my grandmother) was treated very badly.  WHen she was 13 years old she was pulling dead bodies out of Hiroshima.  And then moved to Hawaii later, to be in another war.  Native American’s had their land taken from them.  I am very aware of the sad situations that result from war and man settling and for the great conquest for power.  But I don’t use that as firepower for a debate… and that my friends… is another ignorant statement.  I didn’t say YOU are ignorant OR unintelligent or write at a 3rd grade level.  I clearly said the statements are clearly ignorant… and gave my opinion why so.  You weren’t enslaved, so it is a sad day in history, but that has nothing to do with this conversation, and I completely despise African American Women and Men who go around claiming to be victims, when it didn’t even happen to them.  Yes it is sad, but I don’t hate white people for taking away American Indian’s lands.

I don’t need permission to post… as long as you say something, you will be quoted on it, so in the media’s eye, we need to be careful about what we say if we feel they will be offensive or sound foolish.  I own up to everything I say and stand behind my beliefs.  QUote me on it!

I didn’t feel the need to define the Islam religion, just the point that I’ve read into it, a religion feared by many American’s, and stereotyped with terrorists, and it had made me realize that this is the American way.

I don’t think it’s unintelligent to speak in slang terms, when a slang was clearly the proper term to use, I clearly “defined” a slang that was not in the dictionary, thus using urban dictionary.  SInce it was clearly a slang, I felt the need to define it in the context I was using it, thus making it acceptable in English writing.  My dear, that does not make it a stereotype.  A stereotype is a popular belief about specific social groups or types of individuals.  Even a prejudice.  I clearly called you a hater because as I defined it, you belittled someone’s success to bring them down a notch, clearly as I chose to define it in my defense, comically thru Urban Dictionary.

Kay Wynette… THANK YOU! For Demonstrating my point.  Hug and Makeup ! Good Debate!

It might get a little confusing at the end with the dictionary, islam and hater stuff.  I kinda owned her in a discussion topic earlier when I clearly defined intelligently why she was being a hater, by defining her precise words with an Urban Dictionary slang for “hater.”  Pretty funny stuff.  And they get so mad, I’m really just debating and trolling on the wall, and they take it to a whole new level!

PETA: How the Messenger Kills the Message

By Hannah Crisan

The Ohio State University

Winter 2009

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