This Facebook Stalking Business . . .

So . . . I’m guilty of it!  I’ve been known to check up on ex boyfriends, boyfriends, their girlfriends, and guys that I’m interested in too.  I’ve even found old friends, business associates, and networked through this giant world we like to call Social Networking.  It sucks when they put everything on private and you get absolutely nothing out of stalking their page.  Then you feel your efforts wasted, and you’ve just become a stalker.

But when does it get to be too much?  Sometimes when I’m bored, I’ll chat with any chat box that comes up in my window.  This is my friendly nature.  I’m a Gemini, and I love to converse.  However, I think some people can take it the wrong way.  Often they think I like them and are interested in them, which most of the time I’m not.  I just like talking.  Recently, chatting with someone, I accidentally invited him to my party tomorrow, thinking he was someone else.  No harm done, he seemed like a little kid in a band.  Then after going through his page, I noticed several pictures of bands, all different.  After I saw his picture, he looked like a prison mate.  He offered to buy me any puppy I wanted.  I said I wanted a toy AKK.  But now, I am rethinking it.  He knows where I live.  He’s stalking my page.  Every time I log in… “good morning.”  The second I turn my laptop on, my chat box comes up.  He even has my phone number.  Ugggh.  I decided just now, I am not going to take him up on his offer to buy me a puppy.  If he reads this, then hope he understands.

Someone else added me recently, an older man.  I met him at a coffee shop, waiting for a friend.  He happened to know my friend.  The next day he is adding me on FB and asking me to dinner.  I would never have talked to him or anything.  I had a short conversation with him, because he sat by me, but I didn’t give him my name, or number.  He must’ve found me in my friends’ friend list on FB.

I am guilty of being a friend whore, and adding everybody possible in my network, and expanding on that.  However, I don’t go on FB looking for the fine guys, or looking to hook up.  Some guys after you add them seriously stalk your page!  They post comments on every single post, comment and “like” 20 pictures.  I mean I can understand if you see a post that you want to comment on in the stream.  But it’s a little obvious when you are commenting on every post every minute after it’s posted.  They feel like they are having a conversation with you, next thing they get brave and message you to ask you out or give you their number.  LOL!

I guess it’s a good idea to upgrade your privacy settings.


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