Faithful BUT not monogamous

I’m the type of girl that will tell my girlfriend her ass looks big in her dress and to change into something more flattering.  I’m the type to sneak a piece of gum in your mouth in the middle of a make out session because you have bad breath.  I’m the type to sleep with someone because I’m bored, then tell my boyfriend about it the next day.  Not out of anger, or vindictiveness, just because I was bored.  I am FAITHFUL but NOT MONOGAMOUS.

I’m a Gemini and it’s hard to keep my attention.  If you want me to see your side of things, then don’t force me to agree with you when I’m upset (especially drunk). hehe.  I really can be liberal and try to see both sides of a story.  In fact, I want to.  However, i am not saying that I am not capable of monogamy.  In fact I have had many happy monogamous relationships.  However, each relationship is different, and different aspects are in and out of balance.

The best I can do is be honest.  If I am bored, I’ll tell you, even if it sucks to hear it, maybe you can mix it up a bit.  If sex has gotten a little boring, and I faked the last 4 orgasms, eventually I am going to tell you the truth.  The truth is liberating, and sometimes hurtful.  But it can go two ways.

A) that person can be understanding, and accept the facts.

B) They can be hurt and get vindictive.  Most immature or younger guys will pull the drama.

However, from my experience, older men will accept the break up, after a little quarrel, a deep discussion, and a few tears, you’ll get over it, and most likely will still remain friends.  Well, that’s at least what I aim for.  I tend to want a friendship to remain with exes.  Why throw away the best friendships you’ve probably ever had, just because it didn’t work out?  I can understand if they slept with a cocktail waitress you work with, or stole $3,000 from you, or did something really horrible to you.  But boys and girls… breaking up with you isn’t a bad thing.  Think about your new found freedom and that’s one less person you’re not interested in.  You can check off a few things off that list, and you’re one step closer to knowing exactly what you want.

Me, I’m the type that knows exactly what she wants.  I have a big list.  Sometimes I think it’s a little bit elaborate.  But it’s better to be the girl who knows what she wants, than a confused little girl running around trying to figure it out.  The insanity!  But you know what I want most of all?  I don’t want to hurt anybody.  I can be monogamous but being monogamous isn’t the important part.  Being faithful is.  As long as we are true to what is in our hearts, and honest about it, you can’t go wrong.  If someone can’t handle the truth, then that is their problem.  We are all bumping into each other, apparently looking for something.  Everybody is looking for something different.  Sometimes it doesn’t work out but we don’t have to pretend it’s the end of the world.  Tomorrow is a new day and every new person we meet, every new place we go, every new energy we receive, carves a new path for us.  I can only promise honesty, and if you decide the negative reaction, at least I am liberated because I tried to do the best I could.  No one is perfect.  But I hope that we all can learn to accept the truth and not mask our hurt with bitterness and vindictiveness.  We all get a little jaded, but I turn jade into gold.


Kristie Manning

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