Tina Kavcic: Slovenian Fashion Designer

DOB? Astrology sign?

June 26th 1988

Fav music?

mtv kind. just whatever is on the radio.

Fav Designer?

when it comes to fashion design i like the work of vera wang, ralph lauren, louis vuitton.

Fav Artist?


degas and his ballerina pastels


i get inspired by lots of things. i get fascinated by the way “ordinary” people, that you meet on the street, dress and the way they combine their clothes.
i also like to observe nature and its perfect combinations of colours and shapes.

Goals as a designer?

i’m really not an educated fashion designer. i study graphic design, which is not that much different that clothing design. we’re all involved in creating the visual culture in which we live and can contribute something new and fresh.
so my goal is to contribute my point of view, wether it’s in a form of a fashion design, illustratoin or a graphic image.

Where did you study fashion?

as explained above, i didn’t. i study graphic design.

Favorite medium?

i use computer of most of my illustrations, but my favorite technique is still watercolours. though i’m not very confident about it and still have a lot of practice to put in my watercolour illustrations.

Favorite things to design?


as in which clothing item? i don’t know. probably tops. i would have a closet full of self-designed tops if i could sew.

If you could compare your style to any designer, who would it be?

i really don’t know the answer to that question. i rarely follow famous-designer fashion shows, and i don’t compare myself to them. i’m rarely inspired by already made and seen runway designs.

If you could dress any celebrity who would it be?

another tough one:)
probably natalie portman.

If you could design for any designer, who would it be?


i remember seeing one runway show that blew my mind, i just can’t remember who the designer was. it was spring/summer and full of bright colours and prints mixed with white, featuring necklaces made of big round beads and enormous bags. i could see myself doing something like that.

other hobbies?

knitting, baking (muffins, yum) drawing random things…i had a period in which i was obsessed with bookbinding so i guess i could list it as my hobby

Upcoming gigs?


fouth year of graphic design academy and diploma :)


i have a blog on this address:



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