Get Your Hair Done Bitch!

I was eating with my sister at L&Ls and we were talking about Gene Simmons and I couldn’t remember which band he was in.  Then this guy from nowhere (Robert) was like… Yeah he’s from Kiss.  And gave me his number and invited me to get my hair done by him, which was absolutely perfect!  Because I needed a bang trim.  The salon was conveniently located walking distance from my sister’s house, on Main Street in Santa Monica.  I noticed they carry a selection of Goldwell, Redken, Phyto, Swarzkopf, all favorites of mine, as well as a variety of other products as well.  The salon was cute inside too.   He trimmed my bangs for free, so I left him a nice tip. ;D  Get your hair done, by Robert.

Thanx Rob!

Robert Arias @ Salon Blu
2510 Main St
Santa Monica, CA

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