Oysters Have Herpes: the end of oysters?

A huge oyster herpes outbreak has been reported, so don’t eat oysters, “the food of love!”

Unlike humans, who uncomfortably have to live with the disease, the herpes virus among the U.K. coast, France, and Europe is actually killing the Pacific variety of the shellfish, an estimated 8 billion in just a few weeks. Supposedly it is not contagious to humans, but who wants to eat a herpes infected shellfish? They suggest the cause is global warming. The herpes strain infecting the oysters is only active in waters above a certain temperature, and remains dormant otherwisex As global water temperatures rise, new breeding grounds for the herpes virus appear. However, some areas are left unaffected, so it is unknown what is the true cause.

The reason mostly baby oysters are vulnerable is because they spend most of their energies developing their sexual organs, which leaves their immunities low and in a vulnerable state for disease.  So they are susceptible to the virus during the young part of their lives.

Cause and effect? If there are no oysters left, price will go up. And will happen to Oysters Rockafeller?

We have known about animals having herpes for years. Leads me to this conclusion. If global warming is giving viruses new breeding grounds what viruses are we granting new space to infect humans with?

2 thoughts on “Oysters Have Herpes: the end of oysters?

  1. Dip infected oysters in Zovirax and let sit overnight; chill and serve on crushed ice with Tobasco. Fresh as daisies. Believe it or not.

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