My Turkey cabernet spaghetti recipe

So as u all know, I don’t measure things, I put it all in according to taste and how many people I’m cooking for.
I like to use italian sausage but today I used ground turkey. It’s lower in fat and has twice the goodness in flavor. I usually use half a bottle of dry and not sweet Cabernet. Pinots tend to be too sweet. I only had expensive bottles so instead of using wine I needed a liquid substitute. I used 2 cups of chicken broth. I browned the turkey. Threw in red bellpeppers (I was out if green), onions, 4 garlic cloves and mushrooms. After they are cooked, I put in 1 can of tomato paste, and found a can of fire roasted tomatoes. Mmmmm. Then instead if wine I used the 2 c. Of chicken broth. Season with salt, black pepper and fresh herbs. Keeping a fresh garden of herbs is cheaper than buying herbs itself and is always available. Marjoram, thyme (lemon), Rosemary, savory, sage, oregano, basil (Greek and Italian). After it boils when I cook w wine I will usually let it simmer for 4 hours n add small amounts of wine as needed. But we just got done w yoga n I’m hungry so were going to cook on medium heat for half an hour. I also put in a dash of soy sauce and a spoonful of msg. Top with fresh grated parmesan. Bon apetite. πŸ˜€

Kristie manning

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