Ms. Isaar King FIRED!

So at the beginning of my last term at IADT, I had wrote a letter to my program chair, taking appropriate steps to perhaps have something change, or have a teacher removed.  I had concerns with Ms. King’s attitude and teaching ethics.  I didn’t like it, which drove me to drop from the school and transfer immediately.  Nothing was done, and when Ms. Disney Johnson called me to the office, this time I voiced my concerns, I was rudely laughed at.

Just today a reliable resource has told me that she got fired for throwing a stapler at a student.  I wonder who it was.  Some of those kids can be little fuckers.  They’ll let anyone into that school.  But anyhow, I hate to say, I thought she had a personality disorder. I TOLD YOU SO!

It’s not as dramatic as that teacher who beat up the 13 year old child, which was a nationwide story.  What is getting into these minds?  I can’t believe I’m witnessing this with my eyes.  But here you are…

Teacher Beats up 13 year old child

2 thoughts on “Ms. Isaar King FIRED!

  1. girl it was a staple remover that she threw n i dont agree wit it because it doesnt make me feel safe as a student there but i will say some kids r really stupid n i have some of them i dont like n that class you know who they r but yea that was way too far i would have sued!!!!!

  2. wth???? crazy! omg! i can’t believe she threw a staple remover! she could’ve taken someone’s eye out!!!! TOTALLY unprofessional! someone like her cannot work with other. she needs to get some help or stop teaching.

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