Browzwear: New Fashion Design Software

I was browsing google for fashion design software, and I came across Browzwear.  Where as CAD is the standard and can run about $2,000 for the program alone, Browzwear looks cutting edge!  They have 3 new programs: VStitcher, Cme, and Vstyler.  With these programs, you can save time and cut sourcing costs by 70%.  I definitely would like make an investment on purchasing Browzwear.  I sent them an email for a price, as it is not listed online.

What benefits will you have using Browzwear line of products and virtual prototyping?

  • Fewer physical samples
  • Reduced lead time
  • More possibilities to explore different designs without additional costs.
  • Enhanced cooperation between patternmakers and designers, internally or at remote locations
  • Earlier client involvement in the design process
  • Enhanced communication in house and enhanced communication between the brands to the manufacturers
  • Better focused collections, quickly moving into production
  • Innovative presentation and merchandising tools
  • Fewer salesman samples


Cutting out the tedious and costly – in time and material – process of fitting, experimenting, re-drawing patterns, and so on, VStitcher digitizes the entire process giving designers and pattern makers true-to-life customizable models, and turning 2D patterns into 3D, realistically draped garments.

Want to make a change to your 2D pattern? It’s instantly transformed into a 3D garment and your life-like model is showing you how it looks.

Want to consult on a design? Your virtual model displays the garment real-time to any remote customer or partner.

Need to meet deadlines for presenting next season’s collection? An attractive animated catalogue is instantly dispatched to your distributors while the garments are still in the making.


Cme is an online 3D viewer that enables remote, life-like presentations of collections for real-time collaborative fitting and design sessions. It enables customers to share collections with buyers, suppliers and retailers at any time during the pre-production, production and merchandizing process. It allows multiple Cme™ viewers, in any number of remote locations, to participate in real-time, online VStitcherand VStyler design sessions.

Available as an independent communications and marketing tool, or as an add-on module attached to Browzwear’sVStitcher and VStyler garment creation and design solutions, Cme is today’s most realistic 3D viewer for real-time interaction and sharing.

Cme can offer an exciting new dimension to e-shopping, allowing retailers to invite their customers to step into a virtual fitting room. With Cme, shoppers will be able to create their own virtual double, modifying the life-like model to their personal measurements, facial features, skin tone, and hair style. Engaging and fun, it will get the consumer actively involved, and will attract repeated visits. Next, they will be able to choose a garment and virtually try it on with a truly realistic visualization of fabric draping, texture and fit. The result will be more successful purchase choices and greater customer satisfaction.

Finally, shoppers will be able to share the experience with friends for instant feedback, or even access the opinion of professional fashion consultants, transforming e-shopping from a solitary experience into a socially interactive one.

Cme will give the retailer the kind of differentiation that offers a huge competitive edge ensuring happy customers who keep coming back, reduced return rates, and lower costs.

This just-round-the-corner application of Cme will make e-shopping more fun, more successful, and more interactive, with significant benefits for consumers and retailers alike.


VStyler™ is a 3D garment design application that gives designers the freedom they need to see their ideas in endless true-to-life 3D simulations without the cost in time and material required to develop physical samples.

Designers need have no special expertise in pattern making or in 3D graphic design. VStyler™ provides all the expertise required to take a 2D design, add data on fabric and texture, and turn it into a truly realistic 3D garment visualization.
Based on proprietary software, VStyler™ offers the most powerful draping capability features currently in existence. The result is a 3D image that is an accurate reflection of the designer’s concept. It’s a design tool whose only limit is the designer’s imagination.

Browzwear Video



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