I kiss with my eyes open.

“She closes her eyes when she kisses me.”

The obvious assumption would be that opened eyes during a kiss would be uncomfortable. I tend to think that there must be more to it than that.

What do you think?

Closing you eyes is a reflex to things getting close to thier eyes. Everyone closes them at least briefly. There really is no significance to reopening their eyes. Most do not because it uncomfortable to look at anything that close and focus will be off. If you look at your own hand starting close as if you notice its out of focus till you move a few inches away. Its not fun to have blurry vision.

I keep my eyes open sometimes because it’s nice to see what you are kissing.  Sometimes it can be awkward if they are a bad kisser and are making a funny face.  But is there a significance  between kissing with your eyes open or closed?  Is an open eyed kiss not meaningful for the one with their eyes opened?  Is the kisser with their eyes closed more in love? I demonstrate to mock the lovely Stacey by keeping my eyes open.   But is there a psychological reasoning behind closed and opened eyes?


Kristie Manning

4 thoughts on “I kiss with my eyes open.

  1. First time i kept my eyes opened while kissing a girl i think i was 17 ;-).
    I did it because the witty thought of doing it flashed through my mind the second kissing moment came and i don’t know why.
    I felt very evil and cool the same time, there was something about the feeling that the significant other doesn’t know. It made me smile a bit trough the kiss , hahhahah.
    Some consider this as being disrespectful or not being ‘in” 100% but i think its all about being little more playful.
    There was a girl once who did the same and our eyes met and we laughed and it provoked even wilder kissing session.
    Today, i will do it occasionally just to make sure that environment is safe for the girl i’m kissing 😉
    But still, being witty doing it first time was deeply enjoyed.

  2. im a girl and I keep my eyes open, I always hear how guys keep their eyes open. But I never hear about girls doing it. So Im glad im not the only one. And lets jope there nothing behind it. Lol.

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