Bikram: Lesson 1

I went to one session of Bikram on Tuesday and I immediately feel lighter.  All the fat that has been growing on my  little love handles, due to bad diet, just melted.  It helps too that I played volleyball for 5 hours yesterday too.  And I’ve been eating light.  Mostly protein bars, yoghurt and fruit.  With 1 good meal a day.  Anyhow, every teacher has a different teaching style, and inform us of different facts throughout the class and each session you learn something new.  So I am starting a new section in my blog: the Bikram Lesson’s section.


I learned when certain areas of circulation are cut off in tight poses when you release, the blood flowing circulates problems away.  Scar tissue, and previous injuries and surgeries will heal better.  Bikram has great healing powers.


Kristie Manning

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