Have you ever had your ass kicked?

Yeah.  My baby sister was having problems with her friends at school, so I had to go down there and regulate and tell them to knock it off… or else. LOL!

We fought 3 times.  One time we were in the field at a football game because I was friend with one of her friends, and they all decided to jump me.  They thought they were some gangsta’s or something and if I wanted to hang with them I had to get jumped.  One of the girl’s was really nice, I don’t know why she did it.  But then Jake Merill, the sweet heart, was friends with my sister, and he helped me.  I was on the ground holding my stomach and my blocking my head and they all were taking turns kicking me.  He saved me that time.  I limped off into the dark field.

So later now that Tonica knows me she doesn’t like me.  I don’t even know why.  It was really for no reason.  She was a year older than me, and about 8″  taller and 40 lbs bigger than me.  I didn’t even really know her.  She happened to be one of the girl’s big sister whom my little sister didn’t like, and she came to regulate me.  I’m a brave person and don’t run away from fights.  All the girl’s are scared of Tonica, she’s a pretty big girl.  So at least I got props for not running away or crying.  I took my beating.  She mounted me, and punched me one time in the eye.  I had a nasty black eye.  She got me good this time.

The last time we fought we were at a football game.  I had my bike, so I jumped off of it.  Upset about the other times we fought, my black eye, and feeling outnumbered, she was alone.  I punched her in the face.  I was pissed. Then she pushed me and I fell over my bike and it was over because there was a cop right there.

Funny thing after all these years, I find her on FB, and she apologizes.  Kids do stupid things.  It’s funny how we grow up and grow out of things.

Top 10 Bad GIrl Club Fights

Funny as hell girl fight compilation

Girl beats up guy (in the ring)

This cage fight, this girl has this guy running away, she even kicks him to the face and he drops.

This one is CrrAAAZZZY

I love a good girl fight.  One time I was at Blush in the bathroom and they had a fight with me in the middle and dropped their drinks all over me.  LOL

Or here’s another story about a girl who I gave cracks to.  LOL!  I was in the bathroom at Club 939 in Honolulu and some drunk girls wiped her hands on me.  I was like wtf!  And started complaining to my friend, a waitress working there.  Just then the girl’s friend’s come out of the stall and try to justify it, she’s drunk kay.  Well then apologize, don’t get it my damn face about her being a stupid drunk!  Dumb local girls.

So later on in the night, my good friend Chucky was nice and offered to share his booth with them, since it was only him and another friend.  Chucky’s my really good friend so I came by to say hi.  Stunned they were sitting there, I told him the story about what happened earlier in the restroom.  I ignored it, because she was just drunk, and working there I deal with drunk people.  But her friend, the taller, loud mouth Hawaiian had to say something and bring it up.

I told her get the fuck away before I have her thrown out.  Drunk she started to get in my face and I laughed.  Why is she getting in my face when she should be apologizing for her friend.  I told her get out of my face, before I beat your ass, and then have you thrown out.  By then they’re making a scene and get thrown out.  Their guy friend during all this is getting arrested too for getting in a fight.  I guess the girl is friend’s with one of the bouncers, so he asks me, if she is cool can they come back in.  And I’m like yeah, I don’t care, she’s starting shit, I’m just trying to work.

So the whole night goes on by with no drama, and I go back to talk to my friend Chucky the last 5 minute before closing.  This time a shorter girl comes up to me… and this is how it goes.

“So you worked here long time?”

“Yeah since we re-opened, I’m one of the original girls.”

“Oh yeah, I”ve never seen you here before.”

“That’s because I’ve worked at FEmmes and Rockza, and I go to Vegas a lot.”

“Oh yeah, where do you work in Vegas?”  I was getting irritated with the 20 question’s and was wondering were this was going.  Shortly, I answered . . .

“Spearmint Rhino.”

“Oh! Do they act like mousy fucking bitches up there too?”

Laughing, I stood up, told her. . .

“Here, hold my beer.”  I passed her my Heineken, took off my 9 inch stilettos, and I pounded her face to a bloody pulp with my shoes.  The taller girl at this point jumped in and pulled my hair.  I continued to swing at both of them with my shoes,   and I flipped the other girl over me to get her away.  But she had her fingers in my hair so I fell back and rolled onto the table that had about 50 shots on top of it.  The security held me back and the girl kept yanking my hair.

I yelled at Angus for holding me back because nobody held her back and that left me vulnerable to hits.  He was holding the wrong person back.  Or maybe he did it on purpose.  Who knows?  Luckily she was stuck in my hair.  Her friends’ face was all gashed up, and she had a shiner on her cheek bone and her fore head with small cuts.  I was good, I just had a bad headache from getting hair ripped out, and went to the bar and had a shot of patron while they threw them out screaming. LOL!


Kristie Manning


Kristie Manning

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