Boys cutting off their weiners…

Yes I said WEINER! LOL

I just found a bunch of stories about people cutting off their penis’s: 1 to avoid being deported back to Kazakhstan, 2: cuz he was rejected by a girl, 3: because he was on a Belladonna trip. WTF is wrong with people today?!?!?! Your jewels are your most prize possession. I don’t get those tranny’s cutting it off either. Can you imagine living with never having another orgasm in your life? I’d kill myself!  You don’t hear about women doing stupid stuff like this either.  What’s up with men? LOL!  We all know about Lorainne La Bobbit, but come on, inflicting that pain upon yourself?  Why would you?

Man cuts his own penis off to avoid being deported back to Kazhkastan

How bad is Kazakhstan? Man cuts off his own penis to avoid going back.

Kid cuts his penis AND tongue off during Belladonna high.

High on “Angels’ Trumpets Tea”, kid cuts off his penis and tongue.

Teen cuts of his penis after being rejected by a girl

And I found one more story

The boy, named Komaruddin was one of over 100 boys that attended a mass circumcision ceremony in the Indonesian province of Riau last week. The event was only organised to accommodate 100 penises, but 170 boys arrived to have their foreskins removed. The 20 medical workers who were there to carry out the circumcisions were overwhelmed by the amount of foreskin they had to cut through, and inevitably mistakes were made.

As the over worked medical team sliced through Komaruddin’s foreskin with a laser cutting device, the cack-handed operative sliced straight through the poor boy’s reproductive organ with the laser, like a knife through butter. There was an ensuing panic as the medics raced around with the boy’s knob in their hands searching for a vessel to store it in.  Po’ lil guy. ;(

What’s wrong with men?  You never hear stories of women doing idiot things like that.  Why would you take away your manhood?


Kristie Manning

2 thoughts on “Boys cutting off their weiners…

  1. I agree with you about men cutting off their penis. However transexuals who have surgery (not trannies, that is an offensive word) are quite capable of having orgasms. Please understand I am not belittling your posts…I find much of them very intriguing.

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