1. not me…I help alot of models get their start and I don’t charge them..TFP means you pay for photos and unless your hired you will not have photographers shooting you for free unless they’re not that good

    1. I have a few select photographers who I am happy working with because we are equally talented and collaborate. But I don’t need to be shooting with the whole world for free. I’m especially tired of amateur photographers looking to me for a free shoot. What am I getting out of it? Some amateur pictures I can’t use in my portfolio? And once you get experience and a portfolio you don’t need to keep doing TFP. I know ppls who have been doing it for years and it just keeps screwing everything up. Everyone’s willing to do everything for free, so why pay? If you want to practice, practice in front of the mirror or do the smaller gigs the agency sends you on. Experienced models won’t take $100 gigs. My friend models in LA and she only works once a month but gets 3-5k a shoot. That’s how girls use to get experience. Not meeting strangers on the internet. There’s a reason to have an agent. And Agent’s will advise you not to do TFP. It ruins the industry. I know big fashion shows in Hawaii and all the girls do it for free because they want to be considered. Fuck that! Who wants to work for free? I’ve been asked to do 3 runway shows for free. NO THANK YOU! I only did a show for Look magazine as a favor one time, because I was promised a spread in the mag in return.

      Reasons to work for free:

      . Super talented celebrity photographer that you’ve been dying to work with.
      . Super creative concepts
      . Huge amounts of exposure
      . Professional level collaboration. I consider myself at professional level and if I collaborate, I would like them to raise the bar.
      . Someone who is going to ENHANCE my portfolio.

      And I expect the photographer to evaluate the model with the same criteria. If he is talented and the model is amateur, it’ll only be a waste of his time.
      I expect compensation for ALL print work.
      Never sign releases, (thye all expect you to.) That gives them the right to do anything with the pictures.
      I can’t tell you how many times these amateurs try to pull one on me.
      . And I never to nudes for TFP. I’m tired of people asking me.

  2. When you post your portfolio to model mayhem or omp you are making yourself vulnerable to predators. There’s a reason agencies don’t use those sites to promote models. If you are going to model, do it safely and professionally through an agency. TFP is working for free. Why would you work for free when you can get paid to get experience? Kristie is right. Agencies put beginner models on $100 gigs and more experienced models on bigger gigs. If you want experience, take the $100 gigs. I’m a photographer and it’s hard to come across paid work no matter how talented you are unless you want to do weddings. Everyone doing TFP screws up paid work for professionals.

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