The games boys play (and girls)

Does love exist?

So I was just recollecting all the bullshit I’ve been through and thought I’d share.  Tis always our nature to want what we can’t have, and not appreciate what is in front of us.  The grass is always  greener on the other side?  The other side is always so tempting, and we are always allured by it, but from my experience, the grass was greener on your side, then you ended up killing it.

Are there any NORMAL men out there?

So, I briefly had this boyfriend who use to pick me up in the evenings after work.  All we did was have sex all the time.  Sometimes we’d drink a little bit.  One day we were driving down the road and we stopped at a light.  The lady to the left in the handi-bus pulled next to us and opened her door.  She started to yell. . .

“Aren’t you the guy who got my 16 year old daughter pregnant.”  That was over.  It was funny because years down the road I ran into him at day shift at Femme Nu, and all he could say is how his life would be different if he was with me. AS IF!

In highschool I had this neighbor kid I really liked since we were a kid.  He always had the same girlfriend, and to this day he has a son with her.  We always hooked up but he wouldn’t leave her because they always had been together.  Randomly through the years we still would hook up.  As I got older I realized he was a loser and would never date him or be with him, and one late evening he dropped by Club 939 to stop by an say hi.  Again I had to hear the story about how it’s hard having a kid, and how miserable they are with their baby momma’s, and how different their lives would be if we stayed together.  So I drove him home and watched him rail a line, then try to hook up with me while I tried to sleep on the couch.  I’d rather driver home tired as hell all the way from Salt Lake to Kailua than hook up with him.  We were 22 and he still looked skinny like when he was 16, with a face full of acne.

I dated this guy from Kailua for a month.  He was super sexy, had a great body, Hawaiian mix, with gorgeous hair and light green eyes.  He was a paddler for Lanikai and had a great bod.  He was the quiet type, and that is what gets me going.  Mystery.  We had a great time together, and one evening I told him that I’d cook him and his team mates dinner.  So while they were at paddle practice, I was cooking chicken carbonara, creamy pesto, with white wine and capers.   He never showed up and went to the club, then called me at 5 am to come over and get him.  In my robe, I drove over to his house and honked my horn.  To my surprise his mother came out and yelled at me.  I got dumped by his mom! LOL!

So I dated this guy for a month who was a nightclub promoter and popular with all the ladies.  He lived nearby so he’d come over all the time and play playstation.  He lived with his mother who was a successful realtor in an almost million dollar home at the top of Lanikai.  I use to train him because he was a little on the chunky side.  One day he got moody with my “abusive training tactics” lol and when I told him that our relationship was over, because it was already going pretty bad, he threw my phone out the window on the Pali Hwy and left me on the side of the highway.  I had to walk back into Kailua town.  After that one evening he was really drunk and he needed a ride so I gave him a ride home from the club.  He demanded I come inside his mothers house and spend the night.  I told him that he was lucky he got a ride at all, and it was a pity ride cuz I felt bad for his sorry ass.  So he hung off the side of my car while I tried to drive off and get him off like some crazy paparazzi or something.   He punched me in the face.  Ok, maybe now I’ll stay with you,


So I dated this guy on and off  for 2 years.  It may have seemed  that I really was in love with him, because in between my episodes, I always ended up back with him.   6 months into the relationship he took my little sister’s coked out 17 year old friend to our new house which we just signed the lease at 7 am and didn’t come home.  I caught him there and he locked himself in and refused to let me in.  He also started hooking up with a girl who waitressed where I worked at as well and denied it the whole time.  They ended up living together.  I mean he actually thought he was so smart that I wouldn’t notice he was dating and coming in and visiting someone who worked with me?   Besides, he’d come in and flirt with every girl.  He even fixed a girls bra strap one time and tried to convince me he was helping a friend.  yeah with her D’s.

One night at 939 this butchy girl came in.  She was adorable under neath that masculine facade. She had an exotic look, a beautiful face and a toned body underneath the baggy clothes and ghetto attitude.  We began to hang out.  I wanted to have him and her at the same time, but she insisted that she was a straight lesbian.  At the time, I had started casually dating someone who was in a long distance relationship, so it wasn’t important, and we all stopped talking.  He kept coming in to flirt with everybody in front of me.  And she started working with me.  I noticed him talking to her a lot in the clubs, but this was because he was a drug dealer, so I didn’t really pay attention.  But I had an itch that something was wrong.  Find out later, after I’m in a new relationship, that they were hooking up the whole time, and he was feeding her coke and ecstasy.  He still calls me randomly, FROM PRISON. Loser.

I dated this guy for a week when I was visiting Vegas.  He looked like Johnny Depp.  He was gorgeous.  The quiet shy type as well.  He said he was from Oklahoma, and he had one of those cute twangy country boy accents.  He said he’d come play poker with me then he shot me a txt n flaked because he “lost all his money gambling.”  The next day, he told me that his friend is giving him a construction job so he will have some money and asked me out to a Oakenfeld concert at the Palms.  We had a great time, he was a really sweet guy.  Then a few days later, he confessed that he really liked me and that he lived in Vegas.  Ok, whatever.  Strike one.  I liked him too.  He looked like freaking Johnny Depp!  So I find out he lives with his mom.  Strike II.  I wonder why he can’t find a suitable job in Vegas, then turns out he was arrested for coke one time and can’t get a workers card.  We went for shabu shabu late night, and he walked out on me on a $80 bill.  Haven’t talked to him since.  Strike 3!  Stupid Vegas boys!

I was at LVAC on Eastern, doing my regular routine and I saw a short guy with what I thought was a tattoo that said Kailua.  I’m from Hawaii, and am always friendly to people from Hawaii, and I lived in Kailua as well.  So I went and said hi.  As I continued my workout, I kept bumping into him and his friend.  While I was doing leg lifts, he came up to me and asked me to dinner.  I asked him how old he was because he was younger than me.  He had a cute baby face.  Then I wondered how tall he was, because he was clearly shorter than me.  Then I thought it was bold of him to have the courage to ask me out, and I thought he was cute and was currently single so I decided to give him my number.  He called me later that night when I was headed home from a bad movie with someone and we met up for a drink.  We caught on fire right away.  We stayed up all night drinking wine and talking.  2 months later he just randomly disappeared and broke up with me.  Then 6 months later he calls to tell me he’s in Canada, and misses me and thinks about me.  At this point I  have a new boyfriend.  That ship has sailed my friend.

Let’s not even get into my baby’s daddy… OK I will.  When we were together he moved into an apartment with his ex girlfriend.  Then he said they’re just roommates and tried to kick her out.  Then he stole all her furniture.  That was drama because she was a suicidal drunk on xanax and tried to fuck him all the time.  One time she tried to fuck me too.  She was hanging on my car one time and I ran her toe over. LOL!  One time I was really wasted and he picked me up, and she tried to beat me up and called the cops on me, and I had to throw a pound of weed and god knows what else in the Ala Wai Canal.  Then he fucked my best friend while I was pregnant.  And when he found out I was a dancer he kidnapped me from the club one time.  Here’s the best one, he lost custody and put restraining orders on my daughter against me just to get her away from me, on two occasions.  He put me through hell with a custody battle and tested positive for every drug in the book and had no winning chance.  He left me at his mom’s house for 3 weeks while I was pregnant.  I had no ride and was stuck.   He broke my cell phone probably like 5 times.  He owes me about $700.  I paid his cell phone while I was pregnant.  His psycho mom dragged my daughter out of my car while I was in the middle of the road.  I had to call the cops probably 40+ times in 5 years to collect my daughter because they would try to keep her every time.  Shouldn’t they be arrested for kidnapping?  When he was tripping balls on acid for 5 days he bad tripped and threatened to throw me out of the truck all the way from Waianae to Pearl City driving 80 MPH.  Then I distracted him with lights from the carnival and he was happy again.


Girls can be devious too.  So I had this boyfriend, the one I let get away.  He had a girlfriend when we met.  A long distance relationship.  But girls are devious and don’t care.  I think I’m a masochist because I keep putting myself in these situations with men.  I was just having fun and it wasn’t suppose to go anywhere.  I was seeing him, and free to see other people as well.  For our first date we went to Nobu, and we couldn’t unglue our eyes off each other. There were flames from the start.  A few weeks later around Thanksgiving time, I went to Maui w a girlfriend and my sister and met up with an ex flame.  When I got back we spent every day together and were nearly inseparable.  Unfortunately, he was a Navy SEAL, and his work took him away from me for extended periods of time.  Me being stupid, regardless of how we felt about each other, took a selfish approach at the situation, and decided that he still had a girlfriend.  We had flown to Washington to meet his family.  Our relationship got closer.  But he still had his girlfriend in Walnut Creek.  I started to check someone out Myspace on Valentines Day.  I was lonely.  ;(  Then he called me and I flew to Guam to see him.  I still continued to talk to the other guy over Myspace.  But afterwards we got closer, I told him that I was with somebody and nothing ever happened.  But we became really good friends.  We talked on the phone a lot, and he got me.  Unfortunately, months later, my boyfriend got nosy and read my emails, and got upset about it.  I lost him because of it.  Although nothing ever happened, he wouldn’t forgive me for lying to him.   We were two people constantly looking for love, two types that could never be locked down, that were always being chased.  We were super honest with each other.  I guess because I am such a liberal person, I am open about things. We chased each other, and found what we were looking for.  2 players stopped playing.  And that was the end of that.

Oh Oh Oh here’s a good one! I forgot all about him.  I met this guy who was just an animal in bed.  Appears to have money.  Charasmatic, pretty eyes, dresses well.  Seems very proper and  educated. We hook up occasionally then he tries to convince me to be a prostitute or something.  I think he’s an undercover pimp.  He pimps one of my girlfriends and tries to get my other girl’s number too.

I use to hang out with a newly-married guy that I found irresistible.  To justify it, I categorized him as my “customer.”  We never did have sex, but I know he totally wanted to.  He was full of himself and was waiting for me to make the move.  We even got super wasted one night and passed out in our underwear, but we never had sex.  Anyhow.  I liked him too much, and it was wrong, after hooking up one night, (no sex) my devious ass told his wife .  He came in the club wasted with 3 fat girls and tried to blow me off. hahaha!

So now I have this boyfriend who use to date a married woman.  She’s always still posting shit on his wall on Facebook.   Not as bad as the others.  But come on, who dates married women?


Check out this blog, I thought it was cute, Le Love Blog

Kristie Manning

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