IADT RIP OFF: Straight from a teachers mouth. Isaar King.

So in my Information Literacy class, a bullshit class that supposedly teaches you researching skills 101 (more like 98)  my  teacher, Isaar King, was in the middle of one of her monotonously repetitive and boring lectures.   I couldn’t help but notice hearing her say that some of the bs we turn in to teachers here wouldn’t fly at other schools like FIT and Parsons.  Interesting!  So what she is saying is that the standards are lower at International Academy of Design and Technology, and that they’ll accept less than exceptional work.  I didn’t say anything, but I laughed inside.  She just admitted my suspicions.

It’s funny because I didn’t have to even submit a portfolio or resume to get accepted to that school.  Seems like they’re willing to take anybody’s money.  $28k a year to be exact.  And when she started to talk about the school not having enough funds for things.  I quickly had to challenge that statement.  This school is pumping us for $28k a year, where as Universities like Academy of Arts is only $16k a year.  They spend so much more into the school than they profit and it shows.  Their teacher’s are so much higher qualified.  The facilities and classes are better outlined, and focused on providing us with a more enriched curriculum and education.  The staff with whom I have worked with so far are far more professional than staff at IADT.  The fashion show’s at the Academy are Fashion Week quality.   If they have less money to work with, then why is their program better?  Don’t believe me.  Here’s a few links.

They also collaborate shows with shoes and jewelry depts, graphics, etc. creating more professional shows.

REAL MODELS, REAL RUNWAY, REAL STYLING, TALENTED DESIGNS.  I’d never seen anything like that at IADT.  Even the Fashion Show Mall show’s are super amateur.  In fact I was disappointed when I went to last term’s graduation fashion show.  It was so poorly put together.  I could have put on a better show myself for free doing hair and makeup and modeling myself.  For $28k a year don’t you think a decent fashion show is in order for graduating students.  In fact I think it should be a REQUIREMENT and it reflects negatively upon the school.

SO Miss King being a narrow-minded know it all, confirmed it.  When I told her the school is profiting all the money and not spending it on our education, she was quick to reply, “they are building more schools!”  SO they are using the money I pay for MY education on building more schools=more wealth for them in the future, instead of on my education.  NO THANK YOU!  I don’t care about future schools 5 years from now.  I’m paying for an education now, and that just sounds like a rip-off to me.  Which is why I chose a single campus University that has been established for decades, the Academy of Arts University.   She was so quick to defend the school and justify that she is not getting paid well.  SHES NOT GETTING PAID WELL BECAUSE SHES UNDERQUALIFIED AND THEY ARE POCKETING OUR MONEY WHEN THEY SHOULD BE PAYING BETTER TEACHERS.  I’m pretty sure IADT is one of the highest profiting schools out there, if not Art Institute as well.  Art Institute is rumored that “rich kids parents buy their degrees.”  It’s a breeze to get through and as fashion being one of the most challenging and competitive industries to be successful in, I feel bad for these students wasting their money.

Parsons is a whopping $50k a year, however, they are centrally located in a major fashion city, New York.  They also have international campuses you can transfer to, another major fashion city such as Paris, making your education a broader, culturally diverse experience.  To study fashion, I believe it is necessity to study art in such atmospheres.  However, I believe $50k a year at Parsons is money better well spent, than throwing $28k a year away at IADT.  Their curriculums are more enriched, and challenging, teachers better qualified, and funds being properly dispersed back into enriching our education.


.FIDM is rumored to be good, but only has Associate Degree’s available.  If you are studying Fashion I suggest Academy of Arts University in San Francisco or Parsons in New York.  If that is too expensive I suggest studying abroad which can be more fun.  Italian programs are cheaper than $16k a year.  I looked into schools in Milan for a while.  London and Paris are also great places to study if you aren’t afraid of culture shock.  If you aren’t studying abroad, Academy of Arts is where you can obtain a Master’s degree not only in fashion design, but knitwear, textile design, merchandising, AND fashion journalism as well.



6 thoughts on “IADT RIP OFF: Straight from a teachers mouth. Isaar King.

  1. Hi Kristi,
    Well it seems that you are researching a lot of fashion schools which is great! you mentioned FIDM only have Associates Degrees’s but they do offer much more than that! I have a friend who graduated from FIDM’s bachelor’s program in business management after getting her associates in fashion design and it’s paid off beyond what she imagined! The school’s AA is the equivalent to a bachelor’s degree and people in the fashion industry know this because they know the work that’s put in behind a FIDM degree. The school also offer’s other degree programs as well and lots of internship and volunteer opportunities with various fashion shows and fashion-related events. If you talked to an advisor from FIDM, they would be able to give you more info. than I could. My friend’s advisor was really nice and answered all of her questions! FIDM’s website is: http://www.fidm.edu for more info. Good luck!

  2. Hey Kristie!

    Yeah, I completely agree with what you’re saying on “for-profit” schools. I would agree with what you’re saying about the fashion program, money is better spent elsewhere as far as art goes too.

    The other programs, I don’t know. I just know there are some teachers & staff members there that would like the standards of the school to be set higher & for the reputation to improve. Personally, I do think the IADT Henderson campus is at least trying to improve, I did see a lot of changes there. I also believe it’s all in the student’s work.

    But yes, for someone with a purpose like you, IADT is not the school to go.
    It doesn’t even compare to schools like Academy of Art.

    If I could travel & attend elsewhere, I would.
    I’m glad you took the time to research & compare, because a lot of people who complain about schools like these end up wasting their money & efforts because of their lack of knowledge.

  3. I mean it just is stupid. Academy of arts is $12,000 a year CHEAPER. And you get so much more! Yes I heard FIDM was good, I have the school catalog as well, but I thought that Academy had such better classes including manufacturing, marketing, fashion journalism, textiles, and knitwear. It just seemed so much more enriched. And Academy of Arts is the only school where a few masters students are selected and invited to fashion week. I looked into FIDM but I wanted a masters and I’m over Vegas. I don’t want to be in a crazy city. I think SF is mellow and that’s what I need in my life right now.

  4. I like this article a lot. I’ll certainly be back again. Hope that I can study much more helpful posts then. Will likely be sharing your wisdom with all of my associates!

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